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MiniBlade wideband compact WiFi blade antenna

The MiniBlade wideband compact WiFi blade antenna from Smarteq is designed to cover 2.4 GHz to 6 GHz frequencies. It is an adhesive mounted omni-directional ultra-wideband antenna. Ideal for applications such as indoor Wi-Fi coverage, internet onboard buses, EV-chargers,  Wi-Fi zones, and Wi-Fi supported devices. Its superior RF performance enables high connectivity and throughput. It can be easily installed on on glass or other non-conductive surface.

With compact dimensions of 55.6 x 23.6 x 6.6mm, the MiniBlade offers gain ranging from 3.8 dBi at 2400 MHz to 7 dBi in the 5 GHz band. It’s flexible and slim construction makes mounting straightforward, even on curved surfaces.

For quotes on the MiniBlade antenna, please contact us.

For online purchases, the MiniBlade wideband compact WiFi blade antenna can be ordered via the Connex webshop for customers in the UK.

RO600/71NFKIT 5G/4G Radome Omni Dipole Antenna

The RO600/71NFKIT 5G/4G Radome Omni Antenna from Pulse is ideal for many applications including remote monitoring, private cellular networks & IOT applications. Boasting average peak gains across the bands of 617-960 MHz 2.5dBi, 1450-4200 MHz 4.0dBi and  4400-7125 MHz 4.3dBi, this antenna offers optimal performance over a wide frequency range.

Fabricated using a rugged design, with a omni-directional radiation pattern and DC-grounded element, the antenna includes Band 71 617-698MHz) and CBRS Bands 42 and 48 (3400-3700MHz). Designed to offer best in class reliability and throughput, the RO600/71NFKIT will allow users to take advantage of the high bandwidth, low-latency capabilities 5G offers.

Please contact us for pricing and lead times for the RO600/71NFKIT 5G/4G Radome Omni.

For a low profile, mobile 5G antenna check out the LP600-71DMN antenna.

MHO5GFR1 5G Outdoor Omni Antenna

The MHO5GFR1 5G Outdoor Omni is a high-performance omnidirectional antenna series designed to cover frequencies from 617 – 5925 MHz for broadband access applications. With its integral N Female and N Male connector options at the base, this antenna can be directly mounted on the radio equipment or pole mounted as required.

Measuring less than 27cm in overall height and with a diameter of just 2.86cm, the antenna is housed in a white UV-stable ASA sheath and is waterproofed to IP67.

With gain approximately 2 dBi in the low band and up to 5.8 dBi in the higher bands, the MHO5GFR1 5G Outdoor Omni is ideal for broadband access applications and great complement to 5G routers.



WCO-FLY 868 915 MHz waterproof compact omni antenna

The WCO-FLY 868 915 MHz antenna is a permanent mount antenna with an integrated IPEX (U.FL) cable. Based on our WCO (waterproof compact omni) antenna platform, this model can be supplied at either 868 MHz or 915 MHz frequency bands (other frequencies may be possible). Mounting via a threaded stud with o-ring to provide a watertight seal, the antenna can mate to radios/modules that have a U.FL antenna connector.

The antenna is housed in an UV-resistant sheath which is robustly attached is a modified N-type connector based facilitating the threaded stud mount.

For availability and pricing for the WCO-FLY 868 915 MHz antenna, please contact us.


Improved LPO6938-4P-WB antenna now released

EAD is pleased to introduce an improved LPO6938-4P-WB antenna based on a new UV-resistant ASA bracket. With possibilities for wall, pole and rail, mounting, this antenna is designed to complement 5G routers.

Our new ASA bracket offers more mounting options for external applications such as security, wireless CCTV, leisure marine and network resilience. With solid gain figures across the bands, the LPO6938 offers robust performance in a reduced height form factor. We have also added a strain relief plug where the cables exit the antenna for durability and to protect against moisture ingress.

For quotes and lead times for our improved LPO6938-4P-WB antenna, please contact us or your local EAD distributor.

6.2 dBi 868 MHz Omni Outdoor Fibreglass antenna

The 6.2 dBi 868 MHz Omni outdoor omni-directional antenna from EAD is centre-tuned and optimised at 868 MHz. Ideal for Helium applications, this antenna is terminated in a N-Female connector allowing it to be connected to a Helium hotspot via custom RP-SMA Plug (Male) cable. For other LoRA, SigFox and LP-WAN applications, the OMNI-868-62 offers consistent and durable mechanical and electrical performance.

Measuring 77cm in overall length (excluding the bracket), the OMNI-868-62-NF is a quality antenna manufactured for permanent outdoor installation. With a fibreglass tube and a robust mounting bracket (including U-bolts for 35-42mm mast diameter) allowing both pole and wall mounting, this antenna is designed for long-term outdoor deployment without degradation.

Check out our DMO8684 for a 4.3 dBi optimsed 868 MHz Omni Antenna.


Centre Frequency:         868 MHz
VSWR:               <1.5:1
Polarization:       Linear – Vertical
Gain:                  6.2 dBi
Impedance:        50 Ohm
Radiation (H-plane):   360 degrees omni-directional
Radiation (e-plane Beamwidth @ -3dB:    22 degrees
Length:               77cm
Connector:        N-Female
Mounting:          Pole / Wall Mount (supplied with U-bolts) – Mast diameter 35-42mm


CFO Compact Fibreglass Omni Outdoor Antenna

The CFO Compact Fibreglass Omni Outdoor antenna is a very compact solution providing 4G/5G access. Based around 145mm long Fibregalss sheath, the CFO offers robust performance in a small form-factor.

Operating over a wideband from 617 to 7125 MHz, the CFO covers the majority of 4G/5G frequencies worldwide. It is supplied with a stainless steel L-bracket for wall-mounting and is terminated in a N-Female connector. VSWR across the bands is less than 3:1.

Ideal for 4G/5G access applications, including security, CCTV, telemetry systems, kiosks, vending and industrial cellular deployments, it’s compact size offers a discreet solution whilst the materials use facilitate long-term use without degradation.

Combine the CFO compact fibreglass omni antenna with N-Male terminated low loss coaxial cables to customise your installation.

For a high gain 4G antenna, check out our FGO antenna.

For customers in the UK, low quantities of our 4G/5G antennas can be purchased at

Helium Outdoor Antennas FAQ Installation & Deployment

Helium Outdoor Antennas FAQ

  1. What is an omni-directional antenna?
    • a omni-directional antenna is an antenna that radiates in every direction.
  2. What characteristics does a good helium omni antenna need?
    • A good outdoor helium omni antenna needs to combine effective RF performance with excellent build quality. Reliable gain figures are important for planning your deployment and the use of quality materials such as fibreglass tubes to ensure longevity when exposed long term to UV from sunlight and the weather.
  3. What mounting options are possible?
    • A good helium antenna will offer multiple mounting possibilities. Limiting the mounting to only pole mount or only wall-mount is restrictive therefore an antenna that offers both mounting options is preferred.
  4. Is the choice of RF cable important for Helium deployments?
    • The selection of quality RF cable is important for Helium antenna deployments especially for longer cable runs where it is critical to minimize signal losses (attenuation) over the length of the cable. For 10M or 20M cables, look towards 240 or 400 type cables respectively to mitigate signal losses.
  5. Is a surge arrestor required for Helium installs?
    • This is really a question for the installer. In the UK lightning strikes are very rare, so typically surge protectors are not used as the chance of a strike is so low. However, a “belt-and-braces” approach might be considered where a surge protector is used.
  6. What the best advice for choosing a Helium outdoor antenna?
    • Use a quality antenna from a reputable manufacturer where you can be sure that the specifications published match the performance of the antenna. Ensuring that the antenna is made of quality materials means that the antenna is unlikely to fail with a few weeks of installation. Select high quality low loss cables that mean you do not lose all the gain offered by the antenna over the cable run.

We hope this short Helium Outdoor Antennas FAQ has been useful. Check out the Helium antennas at our web shop.

Helium outdoor antennas things to check before you buy

The Helium network offering low power coverage across the world is rapidly growing in popularity. Across the world, as Helium miners are being deployed, people are looking at outdoor omni-directional antennas to optimise coverage from each miner installed.

This brief comment is going to focus on build quality.

There are quite a few outdoor antennas on the market, but selecting one with build quality good enough to be permanently installed outdoors without falling apart is critical.

Many low (and very low) cost antennas are available from online market places. Ignoring poor RF performance for now, many of these low cost antennas suffer from poor build quality or inferior materials and are unlikely to survive one average winter outdoors.

Our suggestion is to look for European-manufactured Helium outdoor antennas that tend to focus on quality materials and not solely on price. One particular area to focus on is the sheath or tube as poor materials weather and crack very rapidly leading to unit failure. A proven, durable option is an antenna with a fibreglass tube which will withstand many winter’s deployment without suffering weather or UV-degradation.

Also check the brackets/clamps that come with antenna. Are they fit for purpose? Is the antenna secure enough when mounted?

There is nothing worse than having to replace the antenna you took the trouble to install three months ago due poor survivability of the materials.

Just in case you’re interested, here is a link where you can purchase quality fibreglass tube 868 MHz antennas.


LPO6938-4P-WB 5G/4G MIMO outdoor wall/pole omni antenna

The LPO6938-4P-WB 5G/4G MIMO compact outdoor omni antenna is designed for pole, wall or enclosure mount installations for 5G / 4G access applications. Based on our leading LPO antenna platform, this antenna is, as standard, supplied on a UV-resistant ASA mounting bracket.

Offering robust RF performance in a compact housing, the LPO6938-4P is ideal for environments where multiple antenna elements are required helping to reduce the number of physical antennas deployed in installations for 5G bonded applications, high bandwidth/ high speed networks, 5G access and high definition video deployments.

The LPO6938-4P-WB 5G/4G MIMO compact outdoor omni antenna in terminated in 4 x SMA-Male pigtails as standard and can be combined with low loss extension cables customised to suit the application. This antenna when mounted correctly on the mounting bracket or enclosure is waterproof to IP67 standard.

For a two port, dual polarised MIMO antenna covering 5G, check out the LMO6138 antenna which for customers in the UK can be purchased via the Connex webshop.

For more information on the LPO6938-4P-WB, please contact us or your local EAD distributor/reseller.

WIMO2458 4-Port WiFi Dual Band Omni-directional Antenna

The WIMO2458 4-Port WiFi Dual Band Omni-directional Antenna is designed for continuous outdoor deployment. Housing four 2.4/5 GHz antenna elements, the WIMO2458 antenna is a compact solution for wall, pole or non-metal enclosure mounting.

Ideal for outdoor pole- and wall-mounted applications in environments where traditional ceiling mount antennas are undesirable, the WIMO2458 is a compact alternative for dual band WLAN installations, buildings and campuses hospitality, transportation and retail.

With almost 4 dBi gain in the 2.4 GHz band and more than 5 dBi gain in the 5 GHz band, the WIMO2458 4-Port WiFi antenna offers consistent RF performance across the bands. With a radome height of 187mm and a diameter at the base of 106mm, the antenna is relatively discreet for most installations and can be fed by low loss coaxial cables as required.

The WIMO2458 is part of our MIMO Omni range – check out the 5/GLTE version the LMO6138,

WCO-450-MIMO-WMB 450 MHz MIMO Wall-Mount Omni Antenna

The WCO-450-MIMO-WMB is an outdoor MIMO omni antenna. It is based on our popular WCO antenna platform. The gain of each element is 2 dBi and it is complemented by RF195 and RF240 low loss cables. The antennas are mounted on a stainless steel bracket which can be easily affixed to a wall.

Ideal for LTE 450 and UHF applications where MIMO or diversity functionality is required, the WCO-450-MIMO-WMB is robust and durable.  This makes it very suitable for industrial and commercial applications where antenna durabilty is a key elment of the installation. The antenna elements are constructed using a UV-resistant Luran sheath and use the stainless steel bracket as a ground plane. Both antennas are terminated in a N-Female connector.

For a pole-mount/wall-mount dome style 450 MHz MIMO antenna, check out the LMO4547.

For a single element compact omni for 450-470 MHz, take a look at the WCO-450.

LMO6138 5G MIMO omni antenna now shipping

EAD is pleased to announced that the 5G version of the popular LMO7270 antenna is now shipping. The LMO6138 5G MIMO antenna operates at frequencies from 617 MHz to 3800 MHz covering the most widely used 5G, 4G and LTE frequencies.

Just like the LMO7270 antenna, the LMO6138 is an outdoor pole, wall or non-metal surface mount antenna. With dual polarized elements, this antenna offers exceptional performance in a compact radome and its flexibility of mounting options facilitates many types of installation.

Combined with RF195, RF240 and RF400 cables, the LMO6138 can be adapted to many installations for security, HD video, business continuity and broadband access applications.

For retail customers in Europe, the LMO6138 5G MIMO antenna can be purchased via the Connex Webshop. For larger quantities, please contact your local EAD dealer or distributor or contact us directly with your requirements.

LPBMLPVMB/LTE 5G Multiband robust low profile antenna

The LPBMLPVMB/LTE 5G Multiband low profile antenna from PCTEL is a compact and robust antenna for mobile and fixed applications. It covers 5G and 4G/LTE frequencies from 698 to 3800 MHz. It is based on the same design as the popular BMLPVMB/LTE.

With a gain of 3 dBi, this antenna offers exceptional performance in a small package. It can be mated with magnetic or permanent mount bases to enable flexibility of installation. It is of a rugged design, with a UV-stable XENOY 572OU-7014 radome and once mounted correctly can offer IP67 protection.

Please contact us for more information. For European customers the LPBMLPVMB/LTE 5G Multiband antenna can be purchased bundled with a magnetic mount and 4M cable with a choice of connectors via the Connex website.



WCO 450 MHz Compact Outdoor Omni Antenna

The WCO 450 MHz compact waterproof omni-directional antenna is a robust solution for outdoor applications. Housed in a rigid, robust sheath, the WCO antenna is a durable solution for UHF and LTE 450 MHz deployments

The sheath length is 116mm long and the radiating element is groundplane dependent so the antenna should mount onto a metal surface, a metal wall bracket or have a proximity groundplane available. There are various connector options including N-Female Bulkhead mount, N-Male (as pictured) and TNC -Male.

The WCO 450 MHz compact omni antenna with a N-Female connector can optionally be mounted on a L-bracket for wall-mounted applications.

For our 450 MHz MIMO omni antenna, check out the LMO4547 antenna.

868 915 MHz High Gain Omni-directional antenna now shipping

The WMO86916  868 915 MHz High Gain outdoor omni-directional antenna is now in stock and shipping. Offering 5.8 dBi gain at both 868 and 915 MHz frequencies, this antenna is compact and robust. Supplied with 5M white low loss cable as standard, the WMO86916 antenna is fitted with a L-bracke for wall-mounting.

Ideal for LoRa, Sigfox and LPWAN deployments, this antenna is suitable for terminals located in areas of weaker signal and on the fringes of the network.

For small volumes, European customers can purchase this antenna from the Connex webshop.

For smaller, more compact antennas, please check out the DMO8684 and the WCO-868-WMB.

LoRa Sigfox outdoor omnis address terminal mount applications

LoRa Sigfox outdoor omnis from EAD are ideal for terminal and enclosure mounting. They are based on our WCO (Waterproof Compact Omni) antenna platform. Using either N-Female through-hole mount or N-Male connectors, they are robust and durable and offer consistent RF performance.

The antenna element is housed in a UV-resistant, black Luran Sheath. The sheath measures approximately 116mm in overall length and is screwed and bonded onto the barrel of the connector for durability.

For 868 MHz LoRa and SigFox applications, check out the WCO-868.

For 915 MHz Lora and SigFox applications, check out the WCO-915.

Our LoRa Sigfox outdoor omnis can offer flexible mounting options with other connectors such as TNC-Male available on request or alternatively the antennas with N-Female connector can be supplied with a L-bracket for wall-mounting and complemented with a RF195 or RF240 low loss cable.

Our WMO86916 antenna is a high gain (5.8 dBi) wall-mount antenna that can be used to extend the range of 868 MHz and 915 MHz deployments. For customers in Europe wanting low quantities, this can be purchased via the Connex Webshop.

The WCO range can also be supplied at other frequencies including 169, 433, 450 MHz and 2.4 GHz. For more information and a customised quotation, please feel free to contact us.

LPO6160 Wideband MIMO LTE 4G 5G Wall Mount Antenna

The LPO6160 wideband MIMO 4G 5G wall-mount antena is an outdoor omni-directional antenna. Designed for wall-mounted applications, this antenna is compact whilst offering robust RF performance.

Complementing 4G and 5G routers and devices, this antenna operates across the sub-6 GHz bands from 617 MHz to 6.0 GHz including the Band 71 frequencies and the 3400-3800 MHz 5G frequencies.

Measuring just 80mm in height and 140mm in diameter, the LPO6160 can be surface-mounted onto a metal or non-metal surface, but more typically can be wall-mounted using a metal L-bracket. With gain of 2 dBi  in the lowest band, 4 dBi in highest band and 5 dBi in the mid band, the LPO6160 wideband MIMO antenna offers consistent performance and can be paired with RF195, RF240 and RF400 low loss cables to extend the distance between the antenna and the router.

For a dual-polarised MIMO antenna, check out the LMO6138 and the LMO7270.

To buy online, this antenna can be found via the Connex webshop.

LMO6138 MIMO Omni Outdoor 4G 5G LTE antenna

The LMO6138 MIMO Omni antenna is a dual polarised outdoor omni-directional antenna for 4G, LTE and 5G frequency bands. Operating from Band 71 from 617 MHz, the LMO6138 antenna works through the cellular bands including the 3400-3800 MHz band. Housed in a durable white ASA/PC radome, this antenna based on the very popular LMO platform and is usually supplied with a robust L-bracket for wall- or pole-mounting. Without the L-bracket, the LMO6138 can be through-hole mounted onto a non-metal surface.

For outdoor deployments, the LMO6138 MIMO omni antenna can be combined with RF195, RF240 or RF400 low loss coaxial cables for installations where the antenna cannot be easily installed close to 4G/5G router or modem.

Offering positive gain on all frequency bands, the LMO6138 is a proven performer despite its compact size and is ideal for Wireless Video/CCTV, leisure marine, wireless broadband access and many other applications.

For the standard LMO antenna for 4G/LTE, please check out the LMO7270 antenna.

For quotations and availability, please contact your local EAD distributor or reseller or contact us for more information.

Customers in Europe can purchase the LMO6318 via the Connex webshop.

Band 71 LTE antenna WTR6138 introduced by EAD

EAD has today introduced a Band 71 LTE antenna covering the 617 MHz to 3800 MHz frequencies. The WTR6138 is designed for mounting directly onto a router, modem or gateway.

As EAD’s first terminal antenna that covers Band 71 starting at 617 MHz, the WTR6138 is our widest bandwidth antenna covering the LTE frequencies across 700 to 2700 MHz. It also supports European 5G frequencies across the 3400-3800 MHz. With compact dimensions and a length of 171mm, this antenna offers consistent performance across the bands with a peak gain ranging from just under 1 dBi at the lowest band and 4 dBi in the higher bands.

The antenna is terminated in SMA-Male plug connector and is designed for direct mounting to a panel mounted SMA-Female connector.

For pricing and availability, please contact EAD or your local EAD distributor or reseller.

WTR6138 Wideband LTE 5G Terminal Omni Antenna

The WTR6138 Wideband LTE 5G terminal omni antenna is a compact solution for routers, modems and gateways. With robust RF operation from 617 MHz to 3800 MHz, the WTR6138 is an effective antenna for 5G and LTE applications.

With a peak gain of approximately 1 dBi to 4 dBi across the frequency bands and an minimum efficiency of 50% on all bands, this antenna offers consistent performance across a wide bandwidth, despite measuring only 171mm in length. Terminated in a SMA-Male connector as standard, the WTR6138 is designed to mount directly onto the RF terminal, router or modem. Other connectors including RP-SMA, TNC-Male and FME-Female are also possible.

This antenna would be ideal for commercial and industrial applications including wireless security and CCTV, remote video applications, wireless kiosk and info terminals and for 5G/LTE access gateways.

For pricing and availability on the WTR6138 Wideband LTE 5G antenna, please contact your local distributor or EAD.

Use in conjunction with our RF adapters when connecting to a module inside an enclosure.



SO169 SO437 Antennas VHF UHF Outdoor Omni

The SO169 SO437 antennas from Sirio are VHF and UHF outdoor omni-directional antennas respectively. Housed in a solid fibreglass tube, the brass 169 element and PCB 430-450 MHz element offer robust and stable RF performance. Offering a typical gain of 2 dBi, the SO169 antenna is an ideal solution for the 169 MHz metering bands and the SO437 antenna is conceived for 433 MHz ISM band applications.

Both antennas are terminated in a N-Female connector and can be combined with RF195, RF240 and RF400 low loss coaxial cables to complete the installation. The SO169 SO437 antennas are also both supplied with a stainless steel L-bracket for wall-mounting which can also be adapted for pole-mounting if required.

For a Sirio LTE 2 dBi omni antenna, do check out the SO-4G-LTE.

For pricing and availability, please contact us.

SO-4G-LTE outdoor omni LTE pole mount antenna

The SO-4G-LTE outdoor omni antenna from Sirio is a compact pole-mounted 4G and LTE antenna for permanent outdoor deployment.

Addressing the frequency band range from 790-2690 MHz, the SO-4G-LTE antenna is an effective solution for access applications where a robust, functional and discreet antenna is required. Offering gain in the lower band (790-960 MHz) of 2 dBi and 4 dBi in the upper bands, the SO-4G-LTE outdoor omni provides consistent performance. Mated with low loss jumper cables such as RF240 or RF400,  this antenna is ideal for access, telemetry, logging and other data applications where the radio is installed some distance from an area of network signal.

The housing and radome material of the antenna is fibreglass, anodised aluminium and chromed brass.

We can also offer a version of the antenna with a L-bracket for wall-mounting and integrated cable. Please download the datasheet for more information.

For a high-gain omni antenna, please check out the HGO-4G-LTE.

SO-169-N Outdoor Omni Antenna169 MHz band

The SO-169-N Outdoor Omni antenna from Sirio is a 169 MHz frequency band wall-mount omni antenna terminated in a N-Female connector. Mounted on a stainless steel wall-bracket, the SO-169-N outdoor omni antenna has a brass radiating element and is housed inside a durable, weatherproof fibreglass sheath.

Offering a gain figure of 0 dBd / 2.15 dBi with a VSWR of less than 2:1 across the band of interest from 166 to 173 MHz, this antenna is an effective performer for rapid outdoor deployments. It can be installed in conjunction with our RF240 and RF400 low loss cables for installations where the antenna is located some distance from the 169 MHz radio device.

Please contact us for pricing and availability.

For a 169 MHz terminal antenna with SMA-Male, check out the H169-SMA.

Outdoor LTE Antennas – an installation selection guide

Outdoor LTE Antennas are being increasingly deployed as wireless systems installations multiply. Applications such as wireless security, information screens, kiosks, network backup and resilience, remote network access, telemetry and telematic and vending systems demand strong and stable connectivity. Unfortunately many modern buildings are effectively Faraday cages; they are metal clad structures into which mobile cellular signals are unable to penetrate. Therefore often outdoor LTE antennas are required to provide connectivity to the LTE terminals, modems, routers and devices located inside the buildings.

For outdoor LTE antenna deployments, there are a number of considerations. These include network signal strength where the antenna will be installed, the distance from the antenna to the LTE equipment, the mounting method for the antenna i.e pole/mast mount, wall-mount or permanent through-hole mount, the size of antenna in case of local authority planning guidelines. Notwithstanding the above, the quality of the antenna, the quality of any low loss cable and other RF components such as lightning or surge protectors (to protect the LTE equipment against lightning strikes) are critical in a successful outdoor installation. You wouldn’t put cheap tyres on a medium or high end car so why would install low quality antennas and RF cables into professional LTE wireless access deployment.

Looking firstly at network signal strength and the distance from the antenna to the LTE equipment. These two points are related. A strong network signal at the antenna will typically allow for a longer RF low loss coaxial cable run to the LTE equipment. A good network signal at the antenna is generally required if the cable run is to be more than say 5 or 10M. The longer the cable run typically the thicker the type of coaxial cable installed in order to mitigate losses. For example, for 10-15M cable run for an omni-directional outdoor antenna located in a good signal strength area then RF240 6mm diameter low loss cable will usually suffice. Longer cables runs would usually look to RF400 10.2mm diameter low loss coaxial cable to mitigate cable run losses.

In terms of antennas, there are two types of antenna – SISO (one single antenna port) and MIMO (2 antenna ports). The type of antenna you would use will depend on the 4G / LTE equipment and whether that has 1 or 2 LTE antenna connectors. If the LTE device has one antenna connector, you use a single port LTE antenna. If the LTE device has two LTE antenna connectors, you should select a MIMO antenna.

For each SISO and MIMO type antenna, there are a number of antenna options. We will review some quality antenna choices here:

SISO – Single Port Outdoor LTE Antennas

Omni-directional – Antennas that radiate in all directions are called omni-directional (or omni) antennas. Think of a light bulb and how that radiates light into a room and you will understand the concept of an omni-directional antenna; it just radiates RF not light. For LTE outdoor installations, you will need a high gain omni-directional antenna. For wall-mount or pole mount LTE multi-band antennas, ideally you will need an antenna offering minimum 4-5 dBi gain, manufactured with materials such as UV-resistant radomes, non-corroding metal parts and the antennas should include mounting brackets. Two such examples are the FGO and HGO-4G-LTE antennas from EAD and Sirio respectively.

Other outdoor omni-directional antennas can be magnetic mount antennas, permanent low profile screw-mount antennas and typically these need to be mounted on to a metal surface. The LTE-HIGAIN-MAG, the AllDisc and the TRA6927M3 antennas are great of examples of discreet, compact antennas offering excellent RF performance.

Directional – Antennas that radiate in a single direction are called directional antennas. If you think of how a torch focuses a beam of light in one direction, a directional antenna functions in the same way radiating RF energy in a single direction. Typically, they operate the same way as a roof top TV antenna, you need to point the antenna towards the local mast (tower or base station). The most popular directional outdoor LTE antennas are panel antennas. They are typically quite compact and offer excellent gain properties usually somewhere between 8 and 11 dBi. A quality LTE directional panel antenna is the SMP-4G-LTE from Sirio or the LPS8270 from EAD.

MIMO – Dual Port Outdoor LTE Antennas

Omni-directional –  MIMO omni-directional antennas usually compromise a little on the gain figures due to having two antenna elements inside one radome. But often installers find it preferable to install one MIMO antenna instead of two SISO antennas. The same selection criteria applies to the MIMO omni-directional antenna as the SISO, so look for quality, UV-resistant, proven MIMO LTE antennas combined with 2 quality low loss coaxial cables (one cable for each port). Choose an antenna with a flexible bracket configuration to allow ease of mounting. Such a choice is the popular LMO7270 antenna.

Another type of outdoor MIMO LTE antenna is a compact puck style antenna for discreet applications where the antenna should be mounted on a metal cabinet or enclosure. The antenna uses the metal surface as a groundplane so the antenna can be smaller and more compact without compromising performance too much. One such antenna is the CMO antenna. There are various possibilities for this style of MIMO antenna and some of these may include an additional RF element such as a WiFi or active GNSS antenna.

Directional – as with the SISO directional antennas, the most popular MIMO directional antennas are panel antennas. Despite their compact dimensions, they can offer higher gain than omni antennas, but need to be pointed towards the local network mast. Across the 700-2700 MHz range, directional antennas can typically offer 5-9 dBi gain. Good examples of such antennas are the SMP-MIMO-LTE and the LPM8270.

For outdoor installations, as we alluded to earlier, the correct selection of RF low loss coaxial cable is critical for longer cable runs especially at the higher frequency bands i.e. 1710-2690 MHz, a higher performance cable is required. The attenuation per metre figures are important, the longer the cable run, the less attenuation per metre is desired. For outdoor applications, industry “standard” cables such as RG58 are inadequate due to losses. A better solution is to pay a little more per metre and go with a low loss or very loss cable such as RF240 or RF400. You can download a summary guide of these cables here. The more low loss the cable, the longer the cable run between the antenna and the LTE device can be.

Also to protect your installation from lightning strikes you might need to consider surge protection. A decent surge protector will not typically save your antenna from a strike, but it should protect the network equipment sitting behind the antenna and cable. Such a surge protector is the PTC lightning arrestor. Please contact us for more details on this part.

We hope this short guide will provide you with some thoughts and considerations for installing outdoor LTE antennas. Please feel free to browse our website for our wide range of solutions and contact use

SCO-2451 dual band WLAN omni outdoor antenna

The SCO-2451 dual band WLAN omni antenna from Sirio covers the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands for pole-mounted outdoor wireless LAN/WIFI applications.

Housed in a Fibreglass tube, this antenna is assembled using quality materials and is built for continuous outdoor use. It offers 4 dBi gain on the lower band and 6 dBi gain on the upper band with a VSWR of less than 1.5:1 on the low band and less than 2:1 on the higher band. The SCO-2451 dual band WLAN omni antenna is terminated in a N-Female connector to be complemented with customised low loss RF240 and RF400 jumper cables.

The SCO-2451 antenna is just one antenna in a range of Sirio antennas for 4G and WLAN frequency bands. For more information, please contact us.

HGO-4G-LTE High Gain Omni Blade Antenna

The HGO-4G-LTE is a 4G high gain omni blade antenna with 4G Multiband (800/900/1800/2100/2600 MHz – 4G, 3G and GSM) capabilities. It is a  5-6 dBi omni-directional blade antenna with a mounting bracket (it can be pole or wall mounted) comes as standard with a 5M Low Loss cable terminated in a SMA-Male plug connector.

This antenna is omni-directional blade which means that it does not have to be pointed towards the local mast.

Electrical Data

Type              High Gain Omni (Multi Band Dipole Array)
Frequencies  790-960 MHz for GSM 900 and LTE 800
1710-1880 MHz for GSM 1800
1920-2170 MHz for UMTS
2.4 – 2.7 GHz for WLAN and LTE 2600
Impedence     50 Ohm
Radiation Pattern       360° Omnidirectional
Polarization                 Linear Vertical
Gain               5 dBi for GSM 900&1800 and LTE 800
6 dBi for UMTS
5-6 dBi for WLAN and LTE 2600
Max Input Power        20 Watts for GSM 900 and LTE 800
10 Watts for GSM 1800 & UMTS
6 Watts for WLAN & LTE 2600
Cable              White Low Loss 5m or other length on request
Connector       SMA-male (other type on request)

Mechanical Data
Sheath Material   Thermoplastic UV Stabilized Grey RAL 7035,
Brackets              Galvanized steel hardware
Operating Temp  -20°C to + 80°C
Dimensions          335 x 166 x 144 mm with bracket
Weight                 350 gr
Installation           Mast  Diameter 25-42 mm with U-bolt (included)
Wall: Mounting screws (not included)

For small quantity requirements, you can order the HGO-4G-LTE from the Connex webshop if you based in the UK and Europe. For other territories, please contact us for pricing.

For a 4G LTE directional antenna, you could consider the SMP-4G-LTE or the SMP-MIMO antenna.

Compact wall-mount antennas can address many applications

Compact wall-mount antennas based on EAD’s popular WCO product range offer flexible and discreet waterproof, outdoor antenna solutions for access to VHF, UHF, cellular and WiFi networks. Built on a common platform with a robust UV-resistant, weatherproof sheath, the WCO-XXX-WMB antennas offer effective RF performance coupled with a reliable long-lasting mechanical design.

This antenna is terminated in a N-Female connector and is mounted onto a stainless steel L-bracket. The WCO-XXX-WMB compact wall-mount antennas can be bundled with BWL195, RF240 and RF400 low loss cables to offer a customised solution for your application.

Variants of the WCO WMB antennas include:

WCO-169-WMB – 169 MHz wall-mount omni antenna for 169 MHz unlicensed frequency band applications

WCO-433-WMB – 433 MHz wall-mount omni antenna designed for 433 MHz ISM unlicensed bands

WCO-450-WMB – 450-470 MHz wall-mount omni antenna ideal for LTE 450 or 459 MHz applications

WCO-868-WMB- 868 MHz wall-mount omni for 868 MHz ISM bands

WCO-915-WMB – 902-928 MHz wall-mount omni antenna for 915 MHz ISM bands.

WCO-2400-WMB – 2.4 GHz wall-mount omni antenna for WiFi applications

Other VHF, UHF or frequency specific versions can be designed on request subject to minimum order quantities.

The WCO-433-WMB can be purchased online via the Connex webshop.

For more information, please contact us.

LP-MAG-390 Low Profile 390 MHz Magnetic antenna

The LP-MAG-390 is a low profile magnetic antenna designed for UHF applications running between 380 and 400 MHz. This antenna is robust and durable and ideal for outdoor TETRA, Digital PMR and other applications where long antenna whips are undesirable.

The magnetic base is 90mm in diameter and the overall height is just 180mm enabling excellent RF performance whilst avoiding the draw backs of long whip antennas including issues such as damage from overhanging vegetation and other impacts when vehicles are operational. Apart from mobile applications, the LP-MAG-450 is also suitable for fixed applications where a discreet and non-permanent antenna solution is required.

The cable length can be a maximum of 3.5M (other bases are available with longer cable runs) and the connector type can be ordered to requirement.

For more information and pricing, please contact your local EAD distributor or EAD directly for assistance.

The LP-MAG-390 antenna can also be supplied at the following frequencies: 169 MHz, 433 MHz, 450 MHz, 868 MHz and 915 MHz. Other frequencies on request.

For a 450 MHz MIMO Omni antenna, take a look at the LMO4547.

LPO-D4547 MIMO 450 MHz low profile antenna

The LPO-D4547 MIMO antenna is a low profile dome antenna containing two 450-470 MHz elements. Ideal for fixed and mobile LTE 450 applications requiring MIMO antennas, this antenna is permanently mounted via a mounting stud underneath.

Inside the ASA radome, the two 450-470 MHz antenna elements can be complemented by an optional active GNSS antenna element.

Measuring 140mm in diameter and 80mm in height, the LPO-D4547 MIMO antenna is very compact for a dual element UHF antenna and lends itself well to vehicle and mobile machinery roofs.

The LPO and LPO-4L are other variations of this antenna platform. If required a 2 x 450 MHz + 2 x 700-2700 MHz version can be supplied for specific applications requiring both LTE 450 and LTE 700-2700 MHz.

For a 450-470 MHz MIMO antenna for fixed applications for wall and pole mount or leisure marine purposes, check out the LMO4547.

WCO-450-WMB 450 MHz Wall Mount Omni

The WCO-450-WMB is a compact, waterproof outdoor omni antenna operating in the frequency range of 450-470 MHz. Ideal for UHF applications and LTE 450 deployments, this antenna is robust and durable and offers a discreet outdoor solution to connect to terminals and routers.

The WCO-450-WMB has a UV-resistant Luran sheath, a robust N-Female connector barrel and is mounted upon a stainless steel L-bracket. Combined with low loss cables such as BWL195 and RF240, the antenna can be installed some distance from the radio thereby maximising available signal.

Electrically when mounted on the bracket, the antenna offers 2.15 dBi gain with a VSWR of 1.7:1. The antenna has been widely installed at a variety of frequencies including 433 MHz.

For more information and pricing on the WCO-450-WMB, please contact your local EAD distributor or contact us.

Waterproof Compact Omni Antenna UHF options

The Waterproof Compact Omni Antenna UHF range from EAD is based on a modular platform of components. This modular approach allows us to build a full range of antennas at various frequencies and connectors.

The main standard components are an injection-moulded UV-resistant Luran sheath, a connector barrel and an antenna element.

UHF frequencies that we can address with the WCO UHF include:

380 MHz
430 MHz
433 MHz
450 MHz
459 MHz
868 MHz

Please contact us if you need a different frequency between 300 and 900 MHz and we’ll do our best to assist you.

The common connector options are:

N-Male Plug
N-Female Panel-Mount w/O-Ring – for through-hole mount
TNC-Male Plug Straight
TNC-Female Panel-Mount w/O-Ring for through-hole mount
TNC-Male Plug Right Angle
SMA and RP-SMA options are also available.


The WCO antennas are usually terminal or metal enclosure mount. However there are two other mounting options:

WCO with Magnetic Mount

Compact Omni Antenna UHF

WCO with L-Bracket for wall-mounting

The Waterproof Compact Omni Antenna UHF products offer excellent build quality, durability and RF performance and can be tailored to your application. At UHF frequencies, they do require a ground plane to radiate effectively.

Applications for these antennas include:

Outdoor Telemetry
Wireless Security
TETRA communications
LTE access (using LTE 450 services where available)

For more information, availability and quotations. Please contact us or your local representative.

The WCO-433-WMB can be purchased via the Connex Website.

ISM band terminal antennas overview

When selecting ISM-band and LoRa terminal antennas, there are many options for your application. Download our ISM band terminal antennas overview here:

ISM Antennas

If you are mounting antennas directly onto a terminal or enclosure using 169 MHz, 433 MHz, 868 MHz or 915 MHz, then the flyer has some suggestions for antenna choices. Our portfolio is not limited to these antennas and we have a full range for terminal antennas through to high gain omni antennas like the DMO8684 or the WMO8685.

The 169 MHz antennas are used for the European licence-free metering band at 169 MHz and we can offer terminal or wall-mount antennas at this frequency.

868 MHz LoRa antennas – a selection guide

868 MHz LoRa antennas are becoming a hot topic in our markets. Using the licence-free ISM frequency bands, LoRa is a long range, but low power wireless technology that is increasingly being used for IoT technology. By wirelessly enabling devices and terminals to operate using LoRa technology, applications can be developed for control and monitoring without the need to use mobile cellular networks such as GSM, 3G or LTE. All of the LoRA enabled nodes will need an antenna of some description and here we look at some options to help enable your 868 MHz IoT environment.

There are many choices of 868 MHz LoRa antennas, but we’ll focus on internal, terminal mount and outdoor omni antennas to cover requirements for remote devices and hub/concentrator applications.

In areas of low signal or for concentrator applications where a higher gain antenna is required, an outdoor omni antenna is often a good choice. Especially if you can select an antenna with good gain figures, the nature of an omni-directional antenna in radiating in a 360 degree pattern allows communication with other devices and hubs in every direction. These outdoor antennas can be wall or pole mounted and can be supplied with various levels of gain depending on the antenna size – see the DMO8684 for a 4.3 dBi gain in a compact package or the WMO86916 for a 5.8 dBi gain version which is a bit larger.

For external mount antennas where the following terminal antennas cannot be deployed, sometime a compact wall-mount antenna offers a useful alternative. Perhaps the radio is housed in a metal enclosure or a cabinet and a terminal antenna will not fit directly onto it. An antenna like the Wall-Blade which has a small footprint might well solve the problem.

For terminal mount antennas i.e. antennas that mount directly onto the device or terminal, typically you can go with a small stub antenna like the WS868 and the MW868 or a dipole style antenna similar to the BKR868 or HWD868. The stub antennas are smaller, however usually offer lower performance than the longer whip or dipole antennas. The selection of the terminal antenna depends on the environment in terms of space available and the desired performance. Captive mount terminal antennas are also possible where the antenna is locked in placed with a nut so it cannot be removed and the antenna is connected via an integrated coaxial cable and connector – for an example see the W868-FLY.

For internal mount antennas, a simple solution is a groundplane independent PCB such as the IoTa or  Morava antenna. These antenna mount inside a non-metal enclosure or terminal housing with a minimum of 15mm clearance from any metal components or surfaces and can provide a discreet way of enabling 868 MHz communications without the need for external antennas.

Hopefully the above information has given you some food for thought about possible LoRa antenna solutions and offered some suggestions on how to enable antenna solutions with your application. For customers not using 868 MHz, for example in the USA or New Zealand, many of the above antennas can be re-tuned for 915 MHz if required or have 915 MHz options.

For customers in Europe, the some of these antennas including the WMO86916, DMO8684 and IoTA can be purchased via the Connex webshop. For other questions, requests and quotes for 868 MHz LoRa antennas, please feel free to contact us.


New outdoor 868 MHz omni antenna announced

EAD has today announced a new outdoor 868 MHz omni antenna for IoT things applications. The DMO8684 (DMO – Dual Mount Omni) has been designed for continuous outside use and can be either pole or wall-mount using the same innovative bracket. Ideal for remote sites using ISM band frequencies including networks using LoRa and Sigfox, this new 868 MHz omni antenna is a flexible solution enabling fast and clean installations.

With 4.3 dBi peak gain, the DMO8684 offers exceptional performance in a fibreglass sheath that measures approximately 500mm in length. Terminated in a N-Female connector, this outdoor 868 MHz omni antenna can be used with a variety of jumper cable types to tailor cable lengths and connectors to each individual application. It can be used with cables such as BWL195, RF240 and RF400.

The zinc plated mounting bracket supplied with the DMO8684 antenna allows for mast/pole mount and can be reversed and used for wall-mounting.

The DMO8684 antenna should start shipping from the end of June 2018. For more information, please contact us.

A higher gain wall-mount 868 MHz omni antenna is also available called the WMO8685.

For small orders once released, the DMO8684 will be available via the Connex webshop.

Four LTE MIMO antennas to get you connected

So you have sourced your LTE router and are looking for an antenna, here are four LTE MIMO antennas that you might want to consider depending on your application.

The antenna choice you make will very much depend on your application and on how/where you want your installation. The four antennas we look at here will cover an outdoor pole or wall mount omni antenna, a permanent mount puck antenna, a magnetic mount puck antenna and internal/external blade antenna. All four of the these antennas offer LTE connectivity in the frequency range 690-960/1710-2690 MHz (basically North American and European LTE bands excluding the 450 MHz LTE band) and all four LTE MIMO antennas are MIMO solutions i.e. they incorporate two LTE antenna elements that operate simultaneously.

Outdoor Wall/Pole Mount MIMO Omni AntennaLMO7270
Housed in an aesthetically pleasing ASA radome, the LMO7270 is designed for both fixed and mobile applications included fixed broadband access, leisure marine, wireless CCTV and security system deployments. Combined with a robust white L-bracket, the LMO antenna is supplied with clamps and mounting for both wall and pole mounting (an option marine mount adapter is also available to connector to 1″ marine mounts).

Offering dual polarisation with one vertically-polarised LTE and one horizontally polarised LTE antenna element, the LMO is an ideal product to combine with 2 antenna port LTE routers and is widely installed across commercial, industrial and leisure marine applications. Available with a combination of low loss jumper cables such as BWL195 or RF400, the LMO7270 is a flexible solution for outdoor antenna installations.

The LMO7270 can be purchased online via the Connex webshop.

Low Profile MIMO Puck AntennaCMO
A durable low profile, permanent mount puck antenna solution is required in a number of applications where the antenna should ideally be covert, discreet and mitigate the risk of damage. The CMO antenna ticks these boxes. Mounted by way of a threaded stud from underneath through a 20mm mounting hole, this antenna offers two LTE elements in a reduced height, reduced diameter package without compromising on performance. Once correctly installed the CMO is waterproof and is IP67 rated.

For small quantity requirements for Europe, the CMO can be purchased via the Connex webshop.

Low Profile MIMO Magnetic Puck AntennaMP-2L
When a magnetic mount antenna is required instead of a permanent mount puck antenna, a very good solution is the MP-2L. Offering two LTE antenna elements housed inside a robust radome, the MP-2L has high-pull strength magnet in its base and it is fed by 2 cables which exit at the side so as not to interfere with installation. This antenna is ideal should drilling a hole in a vehicle skin or enclosure wall is not desirable or should the application demand that the antenna be moved frequently.

LTE MIMO Blade AntennaMIMO-Blade
For an antenna that may not be permanently mounted, one option is to use a blade style antenna to mount onto a window or non-metal surface. The MIMO-Blade is one such antenna that is IP67 rated and so can be mounted inside or outside. Offering two LTE elements, this antenna is fully sealed and waterproof and is supplied with two suction cups as standard, but could also be mounted with adhesive tape, velcro or an adhesive bond such as mastick. The MIMO-Blade can be installed as a covert solution so outwardly there appears to be no antenna installed at all.

The MIMO-Blade can be purchased via the Connex Webshop.

These four LTE MIMO antennas all offer innovative solutions for your LTE installation and combine high quality build along with robust electrical performance. For more information, visit the product pages or the webshop.

For reseller inquiries, please contact us at




High Gain Outdoor Omni for Sigfox and LoRa

The WMO is a High Gain Outdoor Omni for Sigfox and LoRa with two models operating at either 868 MHz or 915 MHz for wall-mounted applications. The WMO8685 operates at 868 MHz offering 5 dBi gain and the WMO9156 operates at 915 MHz with 6 dBi gain. Both antennas come with a wall-mount L-bracket and 5M cable and a SMA-Male connector as standard.

Designed for continuous outdoor deployment, the WMO8685 and WMO 9156 are housed in a fibreglass sheath and are robustly built. Ideally suited to applications on the fringe of LoRA or SigFox coverage where a high gain antenna is desirable, these antennas provide reliable and consistent performance.

For pricing and availability information on the WMO8685 and WMO9156 high gain outdoor omni for SigFox and LoRa antennas, please contact your local EAD distributor or us directly for assistance.

WCO-450-WMB – 450 MHz Compact Outdoor Omni

The WCO-450-WMB is a 450 MHz compact outdoor omni antenna designed for wall-mount applications for providing access to 450-470 MHz LTE or UHF networks.

Based on our WCO-XX-WMB platform, this antenna is comprised of a UV-resistant, flame retardant sheath and stainless steel L-bracket for wall-mounting. This antenna combined with low loss extension cables such as RF240 is an effective and discreet solution for installations where the antenna cannot be located close to the router or radio.

Other versions for the WCO-XX-WMB include 2.4 GHz and 433 MHz. 915 and 868 MHz versions are also available. For WCO-450-WMB pricing and lead times, please contact us.

We can supply other frequencies based on the WCO-XX-WMB platform from 150 MHz to 6 GHz. Please contact us for details.

Product update – FGO high gain LTE omni antenna

The EAD FGO high gain LTE omni antenna has been relaunched. This second generation antenna has an improved mounting bracket for pole or wall-mounting. The fibreglass tube has been retained, although the tube is slimmer than the previous version. Gain figures remain the same at 4-5 dBi across the frequency bands from 690-2700 MHz.

The FGO antenna is terminated in a N-Female connector allowing the installation of low loss jumper cables alongside the FGO. Popular low loss cable choices include RF240 and RF400 cable.

For small volume requirements, you can purchase the FGO via the Connex webshop. For larger or ongoing requirements, please contact EAD or your local distributor.

LTE MIMO outdoor omni with GNSS introduced by EAD

EAD today introduces a LTE MIMO outdoor omni with GNSS capability called the LMO7270/G.

We have added an active GNSS element  to our LMO7270 antenna as a result enabling positioning functionality alongside LTE connectivity. Housed in a durable radome, the LMO7270/G offers a flexible outdoor antenna solution. The antenna mounts on either a wall/pole bracket or a non-metal enclosure or surface.

Applications for the LMO7270/G include leisure marine vessels and wireless CCTV and security. Both of these deployments have a need for MIMO LTE communications and often require positioning information as well.

For more information and pricing on the LMO7270/G please contact your local EAD reseller or distributor.

LMO7270/G – LTE MIMO GNSS outdoor omni antenna

The LMO7270/G is a LTE MIMO GNSS outdoor omni antenna suitable for LTE access applications requiring a MIMO antenna as well as active GPS/GLONASS functionality. Available either as non-metal enclosure mount or via an optional pole/wall-mount bracket, this antenna is an attractive and effective solution.

Ideal as solution for leisure marine vessels or for wireless security/CCTV systems, the LMO7270/G is complemented by RF240 and RF400 low loss cables enhancing the possibilities for installation.

For a LTE MIMO omni antenna without GNSS, functionality please check out the LMO7270 antenna.

For low loss jumper cables for this antenna, please look carefully at RF240 and RF400 coaxial cables.

WCO-2400-WMB – compact outdoor WLAN wall mount antenna

The WCO-2400-WMB is a compact outdoor WLAN wall mount antenna designed for continuous outdoor deployment. Housed in a flame-retardant, UV-resistant sheath, the WCO antenna is mounted onto a stainless steel L-bracket for permanent outdoor mounting.

The WCO-2400-WMB antenna offers 2 dBi gain across the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands, the WCO-2400-WMB is fed by a N-Female connector underneath and mates to custom jumper cables as the installation requires. The cables could be short extension cables or low loss jumper cables for longer cable runs.

Other frequencies are available in the same form factor – 433 MHz, 868 MHz and pentaband GSM/3G.

As an alternative, you could consider the CPW 2.4 / 5 GHz puck antenna on a wall-mount L-bracket.

UWB45727 – 450 LTE outdoor omni antenna

The UWB45727 antenna is a 450 LTE outdoor omni antenna operating and 450-470 MHz / 700-2700 MHz frequencies.

With a gain of 2.5 dBi on the 450 MHz band and a minimum of 4 dBi on the upper bands, the UWB45727 with its single feed N-Female connector is an innovative solution for all-band LTE applications requiring a single one-antenna-fits-all solution.

Housed in a durable fibreglass sheath, the UWB45727 is a robust solution for continuous outdooor deployment.

Supplied with an Aluminium wall-mount L-bracket, it mates to a range of low loss cables so the installation can be customised to the cable length required.

LMO4547 – LTE 450 MHz MIMO omni antenna

The LMO4547 is a MIMO (2 port) 450-470 MHz Multiband dual polarised omni-directional antenna. Housed in a durable radome, the LMO4547 450 MHz MIMO omni antenna is suitable for outdoor applications including leisure marine environments to improve reception of LTE 450 MHz signals, especially for wireless broadband, security and CCTV deployments.

The frequencies supported are 450-470 MHz.

The LMO4547 measures approximately 187mm in height and 106mm at the base. It will be available with or without the wall/pole mount bracket and fed by two short pigtail cables, allowing for longer jumper cables to be connected for specific cable runs.

The LMO4547 450 MHZ mimo omni antenna is supplied with a gasket and a moulded nut as standard so the antenna can be installed as a permanent, through-hole mount solution to be mounted onto a non-metal surface or enclosure. Alternatively, the antenna can be ordered to include brackets for wall or pole mount.

FGO – 4G LTE high gain omni antenna

The FGO is a 4G LTE high gain omni antenna covering 690-960/1710-2170/2500-2700 i.e. LTE, 4G, 3G, GSM and cellular frequency bands.

With a peak gain of 5dBi across the lower, middle and upper bands respectively, the FGO is unrivalled where a discrete, but high gain antenna is required, especially in 4G access, CCTV, security, metering and remote telemetry applications. The antenna is groundplane independent and can be mounted on a pole or on a wall.

The FGO is supplied with a robust bracket and is terminated in a N-Female connector.

Custom jumper cables can be assembled to the required configuration.

LMO7270 – 4G LTE outdoor MIMO omni antenna

The LMO7270 is a 4G LTE outdoor MIMO omni antenna with dual polarised radiating elements. Housed in a durable radome, the LMO7270 antenna is suitable for outdoor applications including leisure marine environments to improve reception of 4G (LTE), 3G and GSM signals, especially for wireless broadband, security and CCTV deployments.

The frequencies supported are 700, 800, 900, 1800, 1900, 2100 and 2600 MHz covering all major 4G, LTE, GSM and 3G frequency bands.

The LMO7270 measures approximately 187mm in height and 106mm at the base. It is available with or without the wall/pole mount bracket and fed by two short pigtail cables, allowing for longer jumper cables such as BWL195, RG240 and RF400 to be connected for specific cable runs.

The LMO7270 antenna is supplied with a gasket and a moulded nut as standard so the antenna can be installed as a permanent, through-hole mount solution to be mounted onto a non-metal surface or enclosure. Alternatively, the antenna can be ordered to include brackets for wall or pole mount. A marine mount adapter for mating to standard 1 inch marine mounts is available.

European customers can order small quantities of the LMO7270  4G LTE outdoor MIMO omni antenna via the Connex webshop.

For a MIMO LTE puck antenna, please take a look at our CMO antenna.

Using 915 MHz antennas for LoRa communications? Some food for thought!

If you are designing wireless applications using the licence-free 915 MHz ISM band, for example using 915 MHz antennas for LoRa, LPWAN and IoT communications, choosing the correct antenna for your application is important for optimal wireless performance. To help our customers understand the options for 915 MHz antennas available, we thought it might be beneficial to list out some 915 MHz (there are also 868 MHz alternatives for regions using 868 MHz) omni-directional antenna options covering both small and larger antennas suitable for a variety of applications.

1/4 Wave Whip Antenna

An enclosure-mounted 1/4 wave moulded whip antenna (requires a groundplane typically 10x10cm to mount on) with RP-SMA or SMA-Male connectors typically (TNC, BNC connectors are also possible). Suitable for fixed and portable terminals.

1/4 Wave Whip Antenna with Flying Lead

Similar to the antenna above, this 915 MHz 1/4 Wave whip antenna has a mounting stud at the bottom for permanent mounting and a RG174 cable exiting at the bottome to connect the antenna to module/radio. This antenna can be used for both fixed and portable applications.

915 Mhz Whip with Flying Lead

Stub Antenna

A 1/4 wave helical stubby-style antenna with an approximate sheath length of 55mm. This is suitable for fixed and portable applications. The connector at the bottom can be SMA or RP-SMA and with either a straight or right angle orientation. This antenna should be mounted onto a groundplane (typically 10x10cm would be ideal).

915 MHz Stubby Antenna

Swivel Dipole Antenna

A 1/2 wave dipole antenna for 915 MHz with either SMA or RP-SMA. The antenna can be fixed in vertical or horizontal positions or at 45 degrees if required. This antenna is groundplane independent so can be mounted onto non-metal (i.e. ABC, PC etc.) surfaces such as plastic enclosures.

Waterproof Compact Omni Antenna

For outdoor applications, a compact waterproof 915 MHz omni antenna might be the solution. Where a durable, weatherpoof groundplane independent antenna is required, this antenna is discreet yet robust and flexible to accommodate a range of applications.

915 MHz Waterproof Compact Omni Antennas

Available with a variety of connectors including SMA, RP-SMA, N-Type, TNC, RP-TNC with straight and some right angle versions, these antennas a Flame retardant, UV-resistant sheath and there are versions at 915 MHz for mounting onto metal or non-metal surfaces. A through hole (stud mount) version is also available based on a N-Female Panel mount connector (with O-Ring for a watertight seal plus washer and nut for locking in place onto the enclosure.

Outdoor Wall-Mount Omni Antenna

For small, wall-mounted antennas, then the wall-mounted version of the above compact omni might be well worth taking a look at. This antenna is supplied with the flame retardant and UV-resistant sheath terminated in N-Female connector and mounted on a stainless steel bracket. Jumper cables can be specified to order depending on the grade of cable required for the length of cable run required – the jumper cable requires a N-Male Plug to connect to the antenna.

915 MHz Compact Wall-Mount Omni

High Gain Omni Antenna

A 5.8 dBi outdoor high gain omni antenna can be deployed when the site is located in an area of fringe signal. Typically supplied with a jumper cable such antenna is often housed in a fibreglass or weatherproof sheath and will come with mounting hardware.

These are standard off-the-shelf 915 MHz omni-directional antenna products suitable when using 915 MHz antennas for LoRa communications . This listing is not exhaustive, but is designed to give you some food for thought. For further information and for other 915 MHz antenna requirements, please contact us at