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RO600/71NFKIT 5G/4G Radome Omni Dipole Antenna

The RO600/71NFKIT 5G/4G Radome Omni Dipole Antenna is designed for 5G/4G applications requiring an outdoor antenna

The RO600/71NFKIT 5G/4G Radome Omni Antenna from Pulse is ideal for many applications including remote monitoring, private cellular networks & IOT applications. Boasting average peak gains across the bands of 617-960 MHz 2.5dBi, 1450-4200 MHz 4.0dBi and  4400-7125 MHz 4.3dBi, this antenna offers optimal performance over a wide frequency range.

Fabricated using a rugged design, with a omni-directional radiation pattern and DC-grounded element, the antenna includes Band 71 617-698MHz) and CBRS Bands 42 and 48 (3400-3700MHz). Designed to offer best in class reliability and throughput, the RO600/71NFKIT will allow users to take advantage of the high bandwidth, low-latency capabilities 5G offers.

Please contact us for pricing and lead times for the RO600/71NFKIT 5G/4G Radome Omni.

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