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SMP MIMO 4G LTE Directional Panel Antenna

The SMP 4G MIMO directional panel antenna is a compact solution for MIMO access to 4G networks where wall or pole mount antenna with gain is required

The SMP 4G MIMO antenna is a dual element 4G LTE directional panel antenna. It is designed for wall or pole mount and continuous outdoor use. Offering a gain of 5 dBi on the low band and 8 dBi on the higher bands, the SMP enables MIMO connectivity in areas of weaker network signal.

The SMP MIMO antenna can be supplied with either 2 x 30cm cables and bundled with extension cables or it can be supplied with two 5M white low loss cables as standard. With the supplied brackets, the SMP 4G MIMO antenna can be quickly and easily wall or pole mounted.

The 2 x 5M low loss cable version can be purchased via the Connex website here.