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WCO-450-WMB 450 MHz Wall Mount Omni

The WCO-450-WMB antenna is a 450-470 MHz compact outdoor walll-mount omni antenna designed for UHF and LTE 450 wireless applications

The WCO-450-WMB is a compact, waterproof outdoor omni antenna operating in the frequency range of 450-470 MHz. Ideal for UHF applications and LTE 450 deployments, this antenna is robust and durable and offers a discreet outdoor solution to connect to terminals and routers.

The WCO-450-WMB has a UV-resistant Luran sheath, a robust N-Female connector barrel and is mounted upon a stainless steel L-bracket. Combined with low loss cables such as BWL195 and RF240, the antenna can be installed some distance from the radio thereby maximising available signal.

Electrically when mounted on the bracket, the antenna offers 2.15 dBi gain with a VSWR of 1.7:1. The antenna has been widely installed at a variety of frequencies including 433 MHz.

For more information and pricing on the WCO-450-WMB, please contact your local EAD distributor or contact us.