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HGO-4G-LTE High Gain Omni Blade Antenna

The HGO-4G-LTE is a 4G high gain omni blade antenna suitable for outdoor pole or wall mounting ideal for 4G and LTE access applications

The HGO-4G-LTE is a 4G high gain omni blade antenna with 4G Multiband (800/900/1800/2100/2600 MHz – 4G, 3G and GSM) capabilities. It is a  5-6 dBi omni-directional blade antenna with a mounting bracket (it can be pole or wall mounted) comes as standard with a 5M Low Loss cable terminated in a SMA-Male plug connector.

This antenna is omni-directional blade which means that it does not have to be pointed towards the local mast.

Electrical Data

Type              High Gain Omni (Multi Band Dipole Array)
Frequencies  790-960 MHz for GSM 900 and LTE 800
1710-1880 MHz for GSM 1800
1920-2170 MHz for UMTS
2.4 – 2.7 GHz for WLAN and LTE 2600
Impedence     50 Ohm
Radiation Pattern       360° Omnidirectional
Polarization                 Linear Vertical
Gain               5 dBi for GSM 900&1800 and LTE 800
6 dBi for UMTS
5-6 dBi for WLAN and LTE 2600
Max Input Power        20 Watts for GSM 900 and LTE 800
10 Watts for GSM 1800 & UMTS
6 Watts for WLAN & LTE 2600
Cable              White Low Loss 5m or other length on request
Connector       SMA-male (other type on request)

Mechanical Data
Sheath Material   Thermoplastic UV Stabilized Grey RAL 7035,
Brackets              Galvanized steel hardware
Operating Temp  -20°C to + 80°C
Dimensions          335 x 166 x 144 mm with bracket
Weight                 350 gr
Installation           Mast  Diameter 25-42 mm with U-bolt (included)
Wall: Mounting screws (not included)

For small quantity requirements, you can order the HGO-4G-LTE from the Connex webshop if you based in the UK and Europe. For other territories, please contact us for pricing.

For a 4G LTE directional antenna, you could consider the SMP-4G-LTE or the SMP-MIMO antenna.