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CMG – Dual LTE GNSS puck antenna

The CMG is a dual LTE GNSS puck antenna with 2 x LTE elements and one active GNSS ideal for roof-mounted vehicle and telematics applications

The CMG antenna is an IP67 dual LTE GNSS puck antenna (2 x LTE + 1 x GPS/GLONASS) designed for mobile as well as fixed LTE applications.

Housed in a very robust package, the CMG is mounted by way of  a threaded mounting stud with the 3 cables exiting through the mounting stud.

Once mounted via a 20mm hole, the CMG is sealed and waterproof and suitable for mounting onto vehicles, industrial machinery and enclosures. The recommended cable length is up to 3M. With two LTE elements, the CMG supports MIMO routers for LTE and offers GPS/GLONASS signal reception for positioning. It is recommended that the CMG is mounted onto a metal surface.

Our CLW and our CLWG platforms offer LTE with WiFI or LTE with WiFi and GNSS respectively.

The formal part number for the CMG is FCMG35343.