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LPO6160 Wideband MIMO LTE 4G 5G Wall Mount Antenna

The LPO6160 Wideband MIMO 5G 4G LTE antenna is a low profile wall-mounted omni-directional antenna ideal for access applications

The LPO6160 wideband MIMO 4G 5G wall-mount antena is an outdoor omni-directional antenna. Designed for wall-mounted applications, this antenna is compact whilst offering robust RF performance.

Complementing 4G and 5G routers and devices, this antenna operates across the sub-6 GHz bands from 617 MHz to 6.0 GHz including the Band 71 frequencies and the 3400-3800 MHz 5G frequencies.

Measuring just 80mm in height and 140mm in diameter, the LPO6160 can be surface-mounted onto a metal or non-metal surface, but more typically can be wall-mounted using a metal L-bracket. With gain of 2 dBi  in the lowest band, 4 dBi in highest band and 5 dBi in the mid band, the LPO6160 wideband MIMO antenna offers consistent performance and can be paired with RF195, RF240 and RF400 low loss cables to extend the distance between the antenna and the router.

For a dual-polarised MIMO antenna, check out the LMO6138 and the LMO7270.

To buy online, this antenna can be found via the Connex webshop.