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RF400 – Very low loss RF coaxial cable assemblies

RF 400 cable is a very low loss RF coaxial cable ideal for 4G and LTE outdoor antenna installations with cable runs up to 25M

RF400 is a very low loss RF coaxial cable designed for longer cable runs and is comparable in performance to LMR400 or BWL400. RF400 is a high quality low loss cable manufactured in Europe.

We can supply customised RF400 cable runs with customer-specified connectors and cable lengths. Standard connectors supplied for RF400 include N-Male, N-Female, BNC-Male, TNC-Male, RP-TNC, SMA-Male, SMA-Female.

Common configurations include N-Male to SMA-Male to connect up omni-directional and directional antennas terminated in N-Female connectors where the radio modem has a SMA-Female connector.

For RF400 very low loss RF coaxial cable quotations and further information, please contact us. For customers in Europe, you can buy some 10M, 15M, 20M, 25M and 30M pre-terminated RF400 cables via the Connex Webshop. The individual cables can be purchased via the links below:

Buy 10M RF400 pre-terminated cable
Buy 15M RF400 pre-terminated cable
Buy 20M RF400 pre-terminated cable
Buy 25M RF400 pre-terminated cable
Buy 30M RF400 pre-terminated cable

For a smaller low loss coaxial cable for shorter cable runs, you could consider RF195 or RF240 low loss cables.