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New outdoor 868 MHz omni antenna announced

15th May 2018

EAD has today announced a new outdoor 868 MHz omni antenna for IoT things applications. The DMO8684 (DMO – Dual Mount Omni) has been designed for continuous outside use and can be either pole or wall-mount using the same innovative bracket. Ideal for remote sites using ISM band frequencies including networks using LoRa and Sigfox, this new 868 MHz omni antenna is a flexible solution enabling fast and clean installations.

With 4.3 dBi peak gain, the DMO8684 offers exceptional performance in a fibreglass sheath that measures approximately 500mm in length. Terminated in a N-Female connector, this outdoor 868 MHz omni antenna can be used with a variety of jumper cable types to tailor cable lengths and connectors to each individual application. It can be used with cables such as BWL195, RF240 and RF400.

The zinc plated mounting bracket supplied with the DMO8684 antenna allows for mast/pole mount and can be reversed and used for wall-mounting.

The DMO8684 antenna should start shipping from the end of June 2018. For more information, please contact us.

A higher gain wall-mount 868 MHz omni antenna is also available called the WMO8685.

For small orders once released, the DMO8684 will be available via the Connex webshop.