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MW868 – single band 868 MHz whip antenna

The MW868 is a single band 868 MHz whip antenna suitable for mounting on ISM band terminals with an available groundplane.

The MW868 is a single band 868 MHz whip antenna operating at the 868 MHz frequency band based on a 1/4 wave groundplane dependent monopole design. Housed in a flexible and durable injection-moulded sheath, the MW868 is suitable for ISM-band terminals operating in the 868 MHz licence-free band.

It is approximately 80mm in length with a flexible sheath and has a SMA-Male connector.

Other connectors can be supplied (minimum order quantities may apply). These include TNC-Male and BNC-Male connectors. The MW antenna can also be tuned to other UHF frequencies. Please contact us for more information.

The W915-RS is a 915 MHz version of the MW868, but with a centre frequency of 915 MHz and a RP-SMA connector.