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CFO Compact Fibreglass Omni Outdoor Antenna

The CFO Compact Fibreglass Omni antenna is a 4G/5G discreet solution for long-term outdoor access installations.

The CFO Compact Fibreglass Omni Outdoor antenna is a very compact solution providing 4G/5G access. Based around 145mm long Fibregalss sheath, the CFO offers robust performance in a small form-factor.

Operating over a wideband from 617 to 7125 MHz, the CFO covers the majority of 4G/5G frequencies worldwide. It is supplied with a stainless steel L-bracket for wall-mounting and is terminated in a N-Female connector. VSWR across the bands is less than 3:1.

Ideal for 4G/5G access applications, including security, CCTV, telemetry systems, kiosks, vending and industrial cellular deployments, it’s compact size offers a discreet solution whilst the materials use facilitate long-term use without degradation.

Combine the CFO compact fibreglass omni antenna with N-Male terminated low loss coaxial cables to customise your installation.

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For customers in the UK, low quantities of our 4G/5G antennas can be purchased at