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LPO-D4547 MIMO 450 MHz low profile antenna

The LPO-D4547 MIMO antenna is a dual element 450-470 MHz permanent mount low profile dome antenna ideal for LTE 450 MIMO applications

The LPO-D4547 MIMO antenna is a low profile dome antenna containing two 450-470 MHz elements. Ideal for fixed and mobile LTE 450 applications requiring MIMO antennas, this antenna is permanently mounted via a mounting stud underneath.

Inside the ASA radome, the two 450-470 MHz antenna elements can be complemented by an optional active GNSS antenna element.

Measuring 140mm in diameter and 80mm in height, the LPO-D4547 MIMO antenna is very compact for a dual element UHF antenna and lends itself well to vehicle and mobile machinery roofs.

The LPO and LPO-4L are other variations of this antenna platform. If required a 2 x 450 MHz + 2 x 700-2700 MHz version can be supplied for specific applications requiring both LTE 450 and LTE 700-2700 MHz.

For a 450-470 MHz MIMO antenna for fixed applications for wall and pole mount or leisure marine purposes, check out the LMO4547.