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WCO-450-MIMO-WMB 450 MHz MIMO Wall-Mount Omni Antenna

The WCO-450-MIMO-WMB antenna is a compact, wall-mount, outdoor MIMO omni antenna operating in the 450-470 MHz frequency band

The WCO-450-MIMO-WMB is an outdoor MIMO omni antenna. It is based on our popular WCO antenna platform. The gain of each element is 2 dBi and it is complemented by RF195 and RF240 low loss cables. The antennas are mounted on a stainless steel bracket which can be easily affixed to a wall.

Ideal for LTE 450 and UHF applications where MIMO or diversity functionality is required, the WCO-450-MIMO-WMB is robust and durable.  This makes it very suitable for industrial and commercial applications where antenna durabilty is a key elment of the installation. The antenna elements are constructed using a UV-resistant Luran sheath and use the stainless steel bracket as a ground plane. Both antennas are terminated in a N-Female connector.

For a pole-mount/wall-mount dome style 450 MHz MIMO antenna, check out the LMO4547.

For a single element compact omni for 450-470 MHz, take a look at the WCO-450.