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SO169 SO437 Antennas VHF UHF Outdoor Omni

The SO169 SO437 antennas are outdoor omni wall-mount omni antennas designed for 169 MHz and 430-450 MHz respectively and ideal for unlicensed bands

The SO169 SO437 antennas from Sirio are VHF and UHF outdoor omni-directional antennas respectively. Housed in a solid fibreglass tube, the brass 169 element and PCB 430-450 MHz element offer robust and stable RF performance. Offering a typical gain of 2 dBi, the SO169 antenna is an ideal solution for the 169 MHz metering bands and the SO437 antenna is conceived for 433 MHz ISM band applications.

Both antennas are terminated in a N-Female connector and can be combined with RF195, RF240 and RF400 low loss coaxial cables to complete the installation. The SO169 SO437 antennas are also both supplied with a stainless steel L-bracket for wall-mounting which can also be adapted for pole-mounting if required.

For a Sirio LTE 2 dBi omni antenna, do check out the SO-4G-LTE.

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