Wall-Blade antenna 868 915 MHz external wall-mount antenna

The Wall-Blade antenna 868 MHz external mount antenna is designed for ISM band and LORA applications where a terminal mount antenna is unsuitable

The Wall-Blade antenna 868 / 915 MHz external antenna is a compact and effective solution for wall-mount applications for 868 and 915 MHz frequency bands. With a gain of 3 dBi and a VSWR of below 1.7:1, the Wall-Blade offers robust performance in environments where a terminal-mount antenna is not practical and a external antenna is required. This is ideal for LoRA applications, licence-free wireless applications such as telemetry, logging and data acquisition as well as deployments like door and gate entry, security and monitoring systems.

Housed in a moulded plastic sheath and supplied with a plastic mounting bracket as well as fixings, this antenna is supplied with a 3M RG174 cable and SMA-Male connector as standard. Other cable length and connector configurations are possible. The Wall-Blade is ground plane independent and can be mounted on a wall of any material. The blade length is 140mm. It is designed for continuous outdoor use.

For terminal mount 868 MHz antennas, please check out the MW868 antenna or the W868-FLY.

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For European customers a select range of EAD antennas can be purchased at the Connex webshop. The Wall-Blade can be purchased in low quantities here.