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SO-4G-LTE outdoor omni LTE pole mount antenna

The SO-4G-LTE outdoor omni antenna for 4G frequency bands is an ideal pole-mounted solution for access, telemetry, wireless data and security applications

The SO-4G-LTE outdoor omni antenna from Sirio is a compact pole-mounted 4G and LTE antenna for permanent outdoor deployment.

Addressing the frequency band range from 790-2690 MHz, the SO-4G-LTE antenna is an effective solution for access applications where a robust, functional and discreet antenna is required. Offering gain in the lower band (790-960 MHz) of 2 dBi and 4 dBi in the upper bands, the SO-4G-LTE outdoor omni provides consistent performance. Mated with low loss jumper cables such as RF240 or RF400,  this antenna is ideal for access, telemetry, logging and other data applications where the radio is installed some distance from an area of network signal.

The housing and radome material of the antenna is fibreglass, anodised aluminium and chromed brass.

We can also offer a version of the antenna with a L-bracket for wall-mounting and integrated cable. Please download the datasheet for more information.

For a high-gain omni antenna, please check out the HGO-4G-LTE.