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LTE MIMO outdoor omni with GNSS introduced by EAD

22nd September 2017

EAD today introduces a LTE MIMO outdoor omni with GNSS capability called the LMO7270/G.

We have added an active GNSS element  to our LMO7270 antenna as a result enabling positioning functionality alongside LTE connectivity. Housed in a durable radome, the LMO7270/G offers a flexible outdoor antenna solution. The antenna mounts on either a wall/pole bracket or a non-metal enclosure or surface.

Applications for the LMO7270/G include leisure marine vessels and wireless CCTV and security. Both of these deployments have a need for MIMO LTE communications and often require positioning information as well.

For more information and pricing on the LMO7270/G please contact your local EAD reseller or distributor.