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BKR868 – 1/2 Wave 868 MHz dipole antenna

The BKR868 is an 868 MHz dipole antenna ideal for 868 MHz terminals and devices that require a grounplane independent antenna

The BKR868 is an 868 MHz dipole antenna, 1/2 wave and groundplane independent, designed for ISM-Band terminals and devices that do not have a groundplane or metal surface on which to mount a 1/4 wave antenna.

Housed in a durable sheath, the BKR868 has a multi-position SMA-Male connector that allows the antenna to operate in a horizontal or vertical position. This makes it suitable for portable devices where the orientation of the product is subject to change or is not known.

With a VSWR of less than 2:1 and a gain of 2 dBi, the BKR868 is an effective antenna solution for a range of 868 MHz ISM band applications.

The formal part code for this antenna is FBKR35300-SM-KR.

A 915 MHz version of this antenna is available called the BKR915.