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Low Loss RF Cable

BWL195 is a low loss RF cable suitable for cable runs upto 10M at GSM, Cellular, 3G and 2.4 GHz frequencies. Its performance is comparable to LMR195 and WBC195.

We can supply customised BWL195 cable assemblies with connectors and length of cable to suit. Standard connectors for BWL195 included N-Male, N-Female, SMA-Male, SMA-Female, RP-SMA, FME-Female, FME-Male, TNC-Male, BNC-Male and RP-TNC.

Standard BWL195 cable assemblies that are usually pre-built in inventory includ 5M SMA-Male/SMA-Female, 5M SMA-Male/SMA-Male and 5M N-Male/SMA-Male.

We have now replaced BWL195 with RF195. Please visit the RF195 product page for more information. For even lower loss cables, please check out RF240 and RF400 low loss cable assemblies.