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Low Loss RF Cable

BWL195 is a low loss RF cable suitable for cable runs upto 10M at GSM, Cellular, 3G and 2.4 GHz frequencies. Its performance is comparable to LMR195 and WBC195. BWL195 is a high quality cable product from Beta Cavi (www.betacavi.it).

We can supply customised BWL195 cable assemblies with connectors and length of cable to suit. Standard connectors for BWL195 included N-Male, N-Female, SMA-Male, SMA-Female, RP-SMA, FME-Female, FME-Male, TNC-Male, BNC-Male and RP-TNC.

Standard BWL195 cable assemblies that are usually pre-built in inventory includ 5M SMA-Male/SMA-Female, 5M SMA-Male/SMA-Male and 5M N-Male/SMA-Male.

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