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HWD868 868 MHz Straight Dipole Antenna

The HWD886 is an 868 MHz Straight Dipole Antenna designed for ISM band frequencies ideally suited for LoRA, SigFox and IoT terminals and enclosures

The HWD868 is an 868 MHz straight dipole antenna with a SMA-Male connector designed for LoRa, IoT and Sigfox applications using the 868 MHz licence-free ISM band. Housed in a durable sheath, the HWD868 antenna measures a shade under 190mm length and is of 1/2 wave design so does not need a ground plane to radiate effectively.

Ideal for fixed and mobile wireless terminal, enclosures and devices, this antenna offers robust performance and its flexible sheath will allow for some resilience against impact.

It is possible to supply the HWD868 re-tuned for 915 MHz if required. Also possible is RP-SMA Straight connector. For more information, please contact us.

For a 868 MHz 1/2 wave dipole with articulating connector, please check out the BKR868.