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LMO antenna cable bundles for longer cable runs

10th October 2017

EAD is now offering LMO antenna cable bundles with RF400 low loss cables to facilitate longer cable distances from the MIMO antenna to the LTE router. With cables such as BWL195 or RF240, the cable run from the LMO7270 MIMO omni antenna to the router should be no more than 15M. By using RF400, we are able to extend the distance up to 30 metres. This is especially helpful when the router is a server room or location where there isn’t a LTE signal and the antenna cannot be installed close by. For assistance with your longer cable run for your LMO7270 installation, please contact EAD or your local LMO7270 supplier.

The LMO7270 is a dual-polarised 4G LTE MIMO omni-directional antenna suitable for pole, wall or non-metal enclosure mount. Intended initially for fixed wireless broadband access applications, the LMO7270 antenna is now widely used across leisure marine, security and wireless CCTV markets among many others. It can be purchased via your local reseller or if you are in Europe via the Connex webshop.

RF400 is a 1/2″ (10.2mm) diameter low loss RF coaxial cable facilitating longer cable runs for 4G and LTE applications. EAD custom builds RF400 assemblies to order – with cable length and connectors chosen by the customer. Typically assembly turnaround is within 2-3 working days which allows timely delivery for even the most urgent installations. The RF400 cable is often used with external antennas where the antenna is located quite some distance from the router. EAD antennas often installed alongside RF400 include the FGO and LPM8270.

Many customers make use of the LMO antenna cable bundles so they can deploy a system that is specific to their needs and not have to daisy chain cables or to coil up excess cable as part of the installation.

For more information please contact us.