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WIMO2458 4-Port WiFi Dual Band Omni-directional Antenna

The WIMO2458 4-Port WiFi dual band omni-directional antenna is a compact wall-mount, pole-mount or non-metal enclosure mount antenna for WLAN applications

The WIMO2458 4-Port WiFi Dual Band Omni-directional Antenna is designed for continuous outdoor deployment. Housing four 2.4/5 GHz antenna elements, the WIMO2458 antenna is a compact solution for wall, pole or non-metal enclosure mounting.

Ideal for outdoor pole- and wall-mounted applications in environments where traditional ceiling mount antennas are undesirable, the WIMO2458 is a compact alternative for dual band WLAN installations, buildings and campuses hospitality, transportation and retail.

With almost 4 dBi gain in the 2.4 GHz band and more than 5 dBi gain in the 5 GHz band, the WIMO2458 4-Port WiFi antenna offers consistent RF performance across the bands. With a radome height of 187mm and a diameter at the base of 106mm, the antenna is relatively discreet for most installations and can be fed by low loss coaxial cables as required.

The WIMO2458 is part of our MIMO Omni range – check out the 5/GLTE version the LMO6138,