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Using 915 MHz antennas for LoRa communications? Some food for thought!

5th April 2017

If you are designing wireless applications using the licence-free 915 MHz ISM band, for example using 915 MHz antennas for LoRa, LPWAN and IoT communications, choosing the correct antenna for your application is important for optimal wireless performance. To help our customers understand the options for 915 MHz antennas available, we thought it might be beneficial to list out some 915 MHz (there are also 868 MHz alternatives for regions using 868 MHz) omni-directional antenna options covering both small and larger antennas suitable for a variety of applications.

1/4 Wave Whip Antenna

An enclosure-mounted 1/4 wave moulded whip antenna (requires a groundplane typically 10x10cm to mount on) with RP-SMA or SMA-Male connectors typically (TNC, BNC connectors are also possible). Suitable for fixed and portable terminals.

1/4 Wave Whip Antenna with Flying Lead

Similar to the antenna above, this 915 MHz 1/4 Wave whip antenna has a mounting stud at the bottom for permanent mounting and a RG174 cable exiting at the bottome to connect the antenna to module/radio. This antenna can be used for both fixed and portable applications.

915 Mhz Whip with Flying Lead

Stub Antenna

A 1/4 wave helical stubby-style antenna with an approximate sheath length of 55mm. This is suitable for fixed and portable applications. The connector at the bottom can be SMA or RP-SMA and with either a straight or right angle orientation. This antenna should be mounted onto a groundplane (typically 10x10cm would be ideal).

915 MHz Stubby Antenna

Swivel Dipole Antenna

A 1/2 wave dipole antenna for 915 MHz with either SMA or RP-SMA. The antenna can be fixed in vertical or horizontal positions or at 45 degrees if required. This antenna is groundplane independent so can be mounted onto non-metal (i.e. ABC, PC etc.) surfaces such as plastic enclosures.

Waterproof Compact Omni Antenna

For outdoor applications, a compact waterproof 915 MHz omni antenna might be the solution. Where a durable, weatherpoof groundplane independent antenna is required, this antenna is discreet yet robust and flexible to accommodate a range of applications.

915 MHz Waterproof Compact Omni Antennas

Available with a variety of connectors including SMA, RP-SMA, N-Type, TNC, RP-TNC with straight and some right angle versions, these antennas a Flame retardant, UV-resistant sheath and there are versions at 915 MHz for mounting onto metal or non-metal surfaces. A through hole (stud mount) version is also available based on a N-Female Panel mount connector (with O-Ring for a watertight seal plus washer and nut for locking in place onto the enclosure.

Outdoor Wall-Mount Omni Antenna

For small, wall-mounted antennas, then the wall-mounted version of the above compact omni might be well worth taking a look at. This antenna is supplied with the flame retardant and UV-resistant sheath terminated in N-Female connector and mounted on a stainless steel bracket. Jumper cables can be specified to order depending on the grade of cable required for the length of cable run required – the jumper cable requires a N-Male Plug to connect to the antenna.

915 MHz Compact Wall-Mount Omni

High Gain Omni Antenna

A 5.8 dBi outdoor high gain omni antenna can be deployed when the site is located in an area of fringe signal. Typically supplied with a jumper cable such antenna is often housed in a fibreglass or weatherproof sheath and will come with mounting hardware.

These are standard off-the-shelf 915 MHz omni-directional antenna products suitable when using 915 MHz antennas for LoRa communications . This listing is not exhaustive, but is designed to give you some food for thought. For further information and for other 915 MHz antenna requirements, please contact us at