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Platch LTE 4G compact low profile compact antenna

The Platch LTE 4G compact low profile antenna is designed for height-critical applications. It is ideal for pit lid, ground-level and discreet LTE/4G applications where a reduced-height antenna is required.

Measuring a shade over 100mm in diameter and just 14mm in height, the Platch LTE antenna is truly compact. It is fed by a RG174 cable  and SMA-Male connector exiting from the underside and is mounted via 3 mounting holes. The antenna is incredibly robust and is fully sealed and waterproof and suitable for installation in harsh environments. It offers a peak gain of 2.88 dBi.

Suitable for low-level applications, meter-pit lids, parking, datalogging and utilities applications, it is ideally mounted onto a groundplane (antenna data measured on a 500x500mm groundplane).

The Platch LTE 4G compact low profile antenna is one of a range Platch low profile products. Check out the 868 MHz version of the Platch antenna.

Maverik 4 Port MIMO 5G/4G low profile antenna

The Maverik 4 Port MIMO is a 5G/4G low profile antenna designed for mounting onto a metal surface. Offering 4 x 700-3800 MHz ports, this antenna is compact with a height of under 35mm. Ideal for transportation/telematics, security panels, wireless CCTV and signage/information systems, the Maverik antenna is permanently mounted and suitable for indoor or outdoor deployments.

With rectangular footprint in dimensions of approximately 202 x 107mm, the Maverik 4 Port MIMO antennas is well suited to installation on vehicles as well as cabinets, kiosks and other wireless enclosures. Each antenna element is fed by one cable, the cable length and connector type are customizable.

For a two port MIMO 4G antenna, check out the CMO antenna.

LMO7270 MIMO antennas available in Italy from Reweb

EAD’s popular LMO7270 MIMO antennas are now available from Reweb, our distribution partner for these antennas in Italy.

The LMO product line from EAD encompasses the LMO7270 antenna, the LMO6138 antenna – the 4G/5G version, a LMO7270/G with an integrated active GNSS antenna and the LMO4547 antenna for LTE450 applications.

The LMO antennas are ideal for 4G / 5G access applications, wireless CCTV and security, bonded 4G deployments, lesiure marine and fixed or mobile broadband services. With a variety of mounting options including pole, wall and 1″ 14 marine mounts, the LMO antennas are robust, compact and offer consistent RF performance.

Reweb is based in Reggio Emilia in Italy. Phone: +39 0522 171 2600. Contact: Massimiliano Cavandol

More information in Italian can be found here.



AllDisc Combi GNSS LTE dual WiFi low profile antenna

The AllDisc Combi GNSS MIMO-WiFi antenna is 5G ready and a low profile solution with durable design. This antenna is ground plane independent and enables flexible and easy deployments. It is perfect for M2M applications such as fleet management, track and trace and smart metering.

It offers one 4G/LTE/5G element, one active GNSS element and two WiFi elements inside the robust, stud-mounted radome. With dimensions on 138 mm in diameter and 55mm in height, this AllDisc Combi GNSS antenna is a compact solution for a multi-element product whilst offering exceptional RF performance.

Ideal for roof-mounted, enclosure-mounted or indeed bracket-mounted applications, the AllDisc from Smarteq has excellent build quality and is well-suited to continuous outdoor deployment thanks to it IP6K9K design.

There is a LTE only version of this antenna, the AllDisc.

A selection of  Smarteq antennas can be purchased via the Connex webshop.

LPO6160 Wideband MIMO LTE 4G 5G Wall Mount Antenna

The LPO6160 wideband MIMO 4G 5G wall-mount antena is an outdoor omni-directional antenna. Designed for wall-mounted applications, this antenna is compact whilst offering robust RF performance.

Complementing 4G and 5G routers and devices, this antenna operates across the sub-6 GHz bands from 617 MHz to 6.0 GHz including the Band 71 frequencies and the 3400-3800 MHz 5G frequencies.

Measuring just 80mm in height and 140mm in diameter, the LPO6160 can be surface-mounted onto a metal or non-metal surface, but more typically can be wall-mounted using a metal L-bracket. With gain of 2 dBi  in the lowest band, 4 dBi in highest band and 5 dBi in the mid band, the LPO6160 wideband MIMO antenna offers consistent performance and can be paired with RF195, RF240 and RF400 low loss cables to extend the distance between the antenna and the router.

For a dual-polarised MIMO antenna, check out the LMO6138 and the LMO7270.

To buy online, this antenna can be found via the Connex webshop.

LMO6138 MIMO Omni Outdoor 4G 5G LTE antenna

The LMO6138 MIMO Omni antenna is a dual polarised outdoor omni-directional antenna for 4G, LTE and 5G frequency bands. Operating from Band 71 from 617 MHz, the LMO6138 antenna works through the cellular bands including the 3400-3800 MHz band. Housed in a durable white ASA/PC radome, this antenna based on the very popular LMO platform and is usually supplied with a robust L-bracket for wall- or pole-mounting. Without the L-bracket, the LMO6138 can be through-hole mounted onto a non-metal surface.

For outdoor deployments, the LMO6138 MIMO omni antenna can be combined with RF195, RF240 or RF400 low loss coaxial cables for installations where the antenna cannot be easily installed close to 4G/5G router or modem.

Offering positive gain on all frequency bands, the LMO6138 is a proven performer despite its compact size and is ideal for Wireless Video/CCTV, leisure marine, wireless broadband access and many other applications.

For the standard LMO antenna for 4G/LTE, please check out the LMO7270 antenna.

For quotations and availability, please contact your local EAD distributor or reseller or contact us for more information.

Customers in Europe can purchase the LMO6318 via the Connex webshop.

Band 71 LTE antenna WTR6138 introduced by EAD

EAD has today introduced a Band 71 LTE antenna covering the 617 MHz to 3800 MHz frequencies. The WTR6138 is designed for mounting directly onto a router, modem or gateway.

As EAD’s first terminal antenna that covers Band 71 starting at 617 MHz, the WTR6138 is our widest bandwidth antenna covering the LTE frequencies across 700 to 2700 MHz. It also supports European 5G frequencies across the 3400-3800 MHz. With compact dimensions and a length of 171mm, this antenna offers consistent performance across the bands with a peak gain ranging from just under 1 dBi at the lowest band and 4 dBi in the higher bands.

The antenna is terminated in SMA-Male plug connector and is designed for direct mounting to a panel mounted SMA-Female connector.

For pricing and availability, please contact EAD or your local EAD distributor or reseller.

WTR6138 Wideband LTE 5G Terminal Omni Antenna

The WTR6138 Wideband LTE 5G terminal omni antenna is a compact solution for routers, modems and gateways. With robust RF operation from 617 MHz to 3800 MHz, the WTR6138 is an effective antenna for 5G and LTE applications.

With a peak gain of approximately 1 dBi to 4 dBi across the frequency bands and an minimum efficiency of 50% on all bands, this antenna offers consistent performance across a wide bandwidth, despite measuring only 171mm in length. Terminated in a SMA-Male connector as standard, the WTR6138 is designed to mount directly onto the RF terminal, router or modem. Other connectors including RP-SMA, TNC-Male and FME-Female are also possible.

This antenna would be ideal for commercial and industrial applications including wireless security and CCTV, remote video applications, wireless kiosk and info terminals and for 5G/LTE access gateways.

For pricing and availability on the WTR6138 Wideband LTE 5G antenna, please contact your local distributor or EAD.

Use in conjunction with our RF adapters when connecting to a module inside an enclosure.



ECE 118-R compliant antennas for passenger vehicle applications

ECE 118-R compliant antennas are now available from EAD for passenger vehicle applications. The ECE-R 118 is a directive which relates to the combustion behaviour of materials used in these applications.

The range of EAD low profile multi-port puck antennas, for example, the CMG– MIMO LTE + GNSS, CMO– MIMO LTE, CLWG – 1 x LTE, 1 x WiFi 1 x GNSSand C2LW MIMO LTE + WiFi as well as the ultra small Button LTE antenna can now be supplied with an ECE 118-R compliant cable.

Ideal for bus and transport applications where a durable, multi-port and compact antenna is required, our ECE 118-R antennas offer an effective answer to MIMO antenna requirements.

For more information and quotation of ECE 118-R antennas, please contact us.

MIMO-Mag LTE magnetic antenna addresses mobile applications

The LTE-MIMO-Mag LTE magnetic mount antenna from EAD is designed for mobile applications where a high performance magnetic antenna is required.

Operating from 700 MHz to 2700 MHz, the MIMO-MAG antenna is compact, but effective for metal roof, enclosure, kiosk and other metal surfaces where permanent mount antennas mounted via drilled holes are undesirable.

Measuring less than 100mm in height and 70mm in diameter with a high-pull strength magnetic, the LTE-MIMO-Mag antenna is ideal for 4G and LTE tactical deployments, mobile leisure applications such as inland waterways as well as LTE-based kiosk and wireless security systems.

With a gain of 3 dBi across the bands, the antenna is an effective performer despite its compact dimensions. It is supplied with a 3M cable and SMA-Male connector as standard.

The LTE-MIMO-Mag antenna can be purchased in small quantities by customers in Europe via the Connex Webshop.


LTE-MIMO-MAG 4G LTE MIMO magnetic mount antenna

The LTE-MIMO-Mag is a 4G LTE MIMO magnetic mount antenna. It is designed for fixed and mobile outdoor deployments where a 2-port 4G /LTE is required. Especially for applications, where drilling holes for permanent mount antennas is undesirable, the LTE-MIMO-Mag offers a compact and robust antenna solution.

With a gain of 3 dBi, the LTE-MIMO-Mag offers excellent RF performance and is fed by 2 x 3M cables as standard which are terminated in SMA-Male connectors. Other cable lengths and connectors are possible by request. The antenna base measures 70mm and the height is 100mm which is ideal in applications where long antennas are not  practical,  for example damage from low hanging branches onto vehicle roofs.

For European customers requiring a small quantity of LTE-MIMO-Mag 4G LTE MIMO magnetic antennas, these can be purchased via the Connex webshop.

For wall or pole mount MIMO LTE omni antennas, please check out the LMO7270 antenna.

SO-4G-LTE outdoor omni LTE pole mount antenna

The SO-4G-LTE outdoor omni antenna from Sirio is a compact pole-mounted 4G and LTE antenna for permanent outdoor deployment.

Addressing the frequency band range from 790-2690 MHz, the SO-4G-LTE antenna is an effective solution for access applications where a robust, functional and discreet antenna is required. Offering gain in the lower band (790-960 MHz) of 2 dBi and 4 dBi in the upper bands, the SO-4G-LTE outdoor omni provides consistent performance. Mated with low loss jumper cables such as RF240 or RF400,  this antenna is ideal for access, telemetry, logging and other data applications where the radio is installed some distance from an area of network signal.

The housing and radome material of the antenna is fibreglass, anodised aluminium and chromed brass.

We can also offer a version of the antenna with a L-bracket for wall-mounting and integrated cable. Please download the datasheet for more information.

For a high-gain omni antenna, please check out the HGO-4G-LTE.

MIMO LTE antenna platforms are not one size fits all

In considering MIMO LTE antenna solutions for your application not all product offerings are equal. In addition, not all solutions will be suitable for your project.

A supplier with a range of many flavours of MIMO LTE antenna can greatly assist your quest for the best possible wireless deployment. This range should cover as a minimum blade antennas, low profile antennas, magnetic antennas and outdoor omni-directional and directional antennas.

A modular range of products allows the customer the choice to pick the correct product option. Take a low profile puck antenna for example, you may have the option of a MIMO LTE permanent mount puck antenna. This however might not quite meet your requirements, but the option of having such an antenna with an integrated WiFI element or an integrated GNSS element might be more suitable. Notwithstanding those options, it may be that you do not want to drill a hole in the skin of vehicle, cabinet or kiosk and a magnetic mount MIMO LTE antenna is preferable. In this case once again, the options of 2 x LTE, 2 x LTE + GNSS or 2 x LTE + WiFi are welcome to help you meet the requirements of your installation.

In terms outdoor MIMO antennas, a similar principle applies. Directional or omni-directional radiation patterns are important and how to mount the antenna, wall, pole or cabinet mount – a solution needs to be able to address these requirements. Also the possibility to marry these antennas with custom length low loss cables such as RF240 and RF400 rather that being offer a fixed length cable solution at 5M.

EAD is excellently placed to help you with this product options. Many of our antenna solutions are based on modular platforms meaning that we can mix and match radiating elements to deliver exactly the antenna our customers need. In addition, we have access to a broad portfolio of world-class products in our SAS product porfolio which augment and enhance our offerings. For one-off single unit requirements, many of our antennas can be purchased via our sister company’s webshop.

For distributor and reseller pricing and requests, please contact us directly.

SLP-4G-LTE Log Periodic LTE Directional Antenna

The SLP-4G-LTE Log Periodic LTE directional antenna from Sirio is an ideal high gain antenna for the fringes of 4G and LTE networks.

This antenna can be mounted either by itself as a SISO solution or two of them can be mounted together with a optional bracket to form a MIMO antenna solution. As a log periodic LTE antenna, the SLP-4G-LTE can offer consistent gain across the bands between 9 and 11 dBi whilst being very compact as far as this style of antenna goes.

Other Sirio antennas include the SMP-4G-MIMO and the SMP-4G-LTE directional panel antennas and the HGO-4G high gain omni-directional antenna.

For pricing on the SLP-4G-LTE antenna, please contact us.

Outstanding antenna portfolio covers multiple frequency bands

EAD in partnership with leading world-class vendors of antenna products has constructed its SAS (Specialist Antenna Solutions) range, an outstanding antenna portfolio of over 6000 antenna and RF accessory solutions for a range of markets from 130 MHz to 6 GHz. This covers VHF, UHF, LTE, Cellular, GNSS, WiFi, 5G frequencies and beyond.

With market-leading innovative suppliers such as Sirio, Laird, PCTEL, Smarteq and Scan, EAD’s offering is unrivalled in terms of quality and RF performance.

Some recent portfolio highlights include:

Coach II – a unique high accuracy global GNSS including GPS L1, L2 and L5, LTE and WiFi Multiband low profile roof mount antenna

FlexMIMO – MIMO 2.4/5 GHz internal flexible PCB antenna

LTE Phantom MIMO – LTE MIMO roof mount low profile antenna

UHF5G – 4G/5G multiband marine omni-directional antenna

SMP-4G-MIMO – 4G/LTE MIMO Directional panel antenna

AllDisc – High Gain LTE low profile dome antenna

HGO-4G-LTE – High Gain 4G LTE Omni-directional outdoor antenna

All this alongside a broad range of antenna products including

VHF/UHF Helical and Whip Antennas

Fibreglass omni antennas from 150 to 6 GHz

VHF/UHF yagi antennas

Magnetic mount antennas – various frequencies including LTE and UHF i.e. 450 MHz

Wall-mount antennas

Marine antennas – including 4G, WiFi and UHF variants

Specialist GNSS antennas – including magnetic, timing and synchronisation variants for GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and Beidou

Surge Protection – contact us for our surge protection offering

Power Dividers – a range of 2-way, 4-way and 8-way splitters mostly for 4G and LTE frequency bands

RF Low Loss Cables

With the widest porfolio of antennas available across the UK and European markets, we are best placed to be able supply your project with the exact antenna that fits the technical specification. Coupled with custom RF coaxial cable terminations in-house, we can provide a comprehensive service based around quality, customisation and innovation.

Notwithstanding the above, we have our own range of EAD antennas that augment our offering so there are fewer voids in our portfolio than other suppliers.

We only show highlights of our outstanding antenna portfolio on our website. You can visit the manufacturers’ websites for full antenna catalogues or call us for further direction.

To discuss your specific antenna requirement, please feel free to contact us.

Coach II multi-constellation MIMO LTE WiFi antenna

The Coach II multi-constellation GPS L1, L2, L5 MIMO LTE and WiFi antenna has been released by PCTel. Known as the GL125-DLTEMIMO, this antenna is an unrivalled solution for transportation applications requiring multi-constellation GNSS, MIMO LTE and MIMO WiFi within a single antenna radome.

Permanently mounted via a stud underneath, the GL125-DLTEMIMO offers the following features:

  • Global multi-GNSS compatibility: 1150-290 MHz (GPS L2/L5; GALILEO E5A/E5B/E6; GLONASS L2/L3; BEIDOU B2/B3); 1500-615 MHz (GPS L1; GALILEO E1; GLONASS L1; BEIDOU B1/B1-2)
  • Dual port 4G LTE / sub-6 GHz 5G NR
  • 802.11ac WiFi / Bluetooth connectivity
  • AAR compliant for railway applications
  • IP67 rated design

The Coach II multi-constellation antenna is available now, please contact us for more details.



GL125-DLTEMIMO multiband antenna GNSS multiconstellation

The GL125-DLTEMIMO multiband antenna (also known as the Coach II antenna) from PCTEL meets the stringent requirements of complex RF communication systems in transportation applications.

This antenna features two diversity 4G LTE elements that facilitate the high speed data transmissions needed in dense RF environments. The platform also incorporates dual band 802.11ac Wi-Fi MIMO connectivity with two Wi-Fi elements.It also includes a proprietary high-rejection, multi-constellation GNSS L1 L2 L5 element for high precision location tracking.

The full multi-GNSS availability includes global GNSS Systems: 1150-1290
1500-1615 MHz (GPS L1; GALILEO E1; GLONASS L1; BEIDOU B1/B1-2).

This GL125-DLTEMIMO multiband antenna is IP67 compliant once mounted and is permanent mount via stud underneath through which the cables and connectors pass.

For pricing and availability, please contact us.

For a GPS L1 L2 magnetic antenna, check out PCTEL’s GPS-L1/L2-28Mag.

Outdoor LTE Antennas – an installation selection guide

Outdoor LTE Antennas are being increasingly deployed as wireless systems installations multiply. Applications such as wireless security, information screens, kiosks, network backup and resilience, remote network access, telemetry and telematic and vending systems demand strong and stable connectivity. Unfortunately many modern buildings are effectively Faraday cages; they are metal clad structures into which mobile cellular signals are unable to penetrate. Therefore often outdoor LTE antennas are required to provide connectivity to the LTE terminals, modems, routers and devices located inside the buildings.

For outdoor LTE antenna deployments, there are a number of considerations. These include network signal strength where the antenna will be installed, the distance from the antenna to the LTE equipment, the mounting method for the antenna i.e pole/mast mount, wall-mount or permanent through-hole mount, the size of antenna in case of local authority planning guidelines. Notwithstanding the above, the quality of the antenna, the quality of any low loss cable and other RF components such as lightning or surge protectors (to protect the LTE equipment against lightning strikes) are critical in a successful outdoor installation. You wouldn’t put cheap tyres on a medium or high end car so why would install low quality antennas and RF cables into professional LTE wireless access deployment.

Looking firstly at network signal strength and the distance from the antenna to the LTE equipment. These two points are related. A strong network signal at the antenna will typically allow for a longer RF low loss coaxial cable run to the LTE equipment. A good network signal at the antenna is generally required if the cable run is to be more than say 5 or 10M. The longer the cable run typically the thicker the type of coaxial cable installed in order to mitigate losses. For example, for 10-15M cable run for an omni-directional outdoor antenna located in a good signal strength area then RF240 6mm diameter low loss cable will usually suffice. Longer cables runs would usually look to RF400 10.2mm diameter low loss coaxial cable to mitigate cable run losses.

In terms of antennas, there are two types of antenna – SISO (one single antenna port) and MIMO (2 antenna ports). The type of antenna you would use will depend on the 4G / LTE equipment and whether that has 1 or 2 LTE antenna connectors. If the LTE device has one antenna connector, you use a single port LTE antenna. If the LTE device has two LTE antenna connectors, you should select a MIMO antenna.

For each SISO and MIMO type antenna, there are a number of antenna options. We will review some quality antenna choices here:

SISO – Single Port Outdoor LTE Antennas

Omni-directional – Antennas that radiate in all directions are called omni-directional (or omni) antennas. Think of a light bulb and how that radiates light into a room and you will understand the concept of an omni-directional antenna; it just radiates RF not light. For LTE outdoor installations, you will need a high gain omni-directional antenna. For wall-mount or pole mount LTE multi-band antennas, ideally you will need an antenna offering minimum 4-5 dBi gain, manufactured with materials such as UV-resistant radomes, non-corroding metal parts and the antennas should include mounting brackets. Two such examples are the FGO and HGO-4G-LTE antennas from EAD and Sirio respectively.

Other outdoor omni-directional antennas can be magnetic mount antennas, permanent low profile screw-mount antennas and typically these need to be mounted on to a metal surface. The LTE-HIGAIN-MAG, the AllDisc and the TRA6927M3 antennas are great of examples of discreet, compact antennas offering excellent RF performance.

Directional – Antennas that radiate in a single direction are called directional antennas. If you think of how a torch focuses a beam of light in one direction, a directional antenna functions in the same way radiating RF energy in a single direction. Typically, they operate the same way as a roof top TV antenna, you need to point the antenna towards the local mast (tower or base station). The most popular directional outdoor LTE antennas are panel antennas. They are typically quite compact and offer excellent gain properties usually somewhere between 8 and 11 dBi. A quality LTE directional panel antenna is the SMP-4G-LTE from Sirio or the LPS8270 from EAD.

MIMO – Dual Port Outdoor LTE Antennas

Omni-directional –  MIMO omni-directional antennas usually compromise a little on the gain figures due to having two antenna elements inside one radome. But often installers find it preferable to install one MIMO antenna instead of two SISO antennas. The same selection criteria applies to the MIMO omni-directional antenna as the SISO, so look for quality, UV-resistant, proven MIMO LTE antennas combined with 2 quality low loss coaxial cables (one cable for each port). Choose an antenna with a flexible bracket configuration to allow ease of mounting. Such a choice is the popular LMO7270 antenna.

Another type of outdoor MIMO LTE antenna is a compact puck style antenna for discreet applications where the antenna should be mounted on a metal cabinet or enclosure. The antenna uses the metal surface as a groundplane so the antenna can be smaller and more compact without compromising performance too much. One such antenna is the CMO antenna. There are various possibilities for this style of MIMO antenna and some of these may include an additional RF element such as a WiFi or active GNSS antenna.

Directional – as with the SISO directional antennas, the most popular MIMO directional antennas are panel antennas. Despite their compact dimensions, they can offer higher gain than omni antennas, but need to be pointed towards the local network mast. Across the 700-2700 MHz range, directional antennas can typically offer 5-9 dBi gain. Good examples of such antennas are the SMP-MIMO-LTE and the LPM8270.

For outdoor installations, as we alluded to earlier, the correct selection of RF low loss coaxial cable is critical for longer cable runs especially at the higher frequency bands i.e. 1710-2690 MHz, a higher performance cable is required. The attenuation per metre figures are important, the longer the cable run, the less attenuation per metre is desired. For outdoor applications, industry “standard” cables such as RG58 are inadequate due to losses. A better solution is to pay a little more per metre and go with a low loss or very loss cable such as RF240 or RF400. You can download a summary guide of these cables here. The more low loss the cable, the longer the cable run between the antenna and the LTE device can be.

Also to protect your installation from lightning strikes you might need to consider surge protection. A decent surge protector will not typically save your antenna from a strike, but it should protect the network equipment sitting behind the antenna and cable. Such a surge protector is the PTC lightning arrestor. Please contact us for more details on this part.

We hope this short guide will provide you with some thoughts and considerations for installing outdoor LTE antennas. Please feel free to browse our website for our wide range of solutions and contact use

LP800 low profile 4G/LTE adhesive mount antenna

LP800 low profile 4G multiband adhesive mount antennas are a neat solution for installations requiring a compact antenna, but where drilling holes is undesirable.

With excellent RF properties, the LP800 antennas from Smarteq are compact and discreet offering robust performance for applications such as vending, kiosks, information terminals and wireless security systems.

With various cable length options, these antennas offer a flexible solution for many deployments and can be used alongside a range of pigtail and low loss cables to meet site requirements.

For a screw-mount LTE alternative to the LP800 low profile antenna, take a look at the AllDisc or SmartDisc from Smarteq.

Small volume product purchases may be made via the Connex webshop or contact us for pricing and availability ofr larger quantities.

Specialist Antennas Products now part of EAD website

The portfolio of Specialist Antenna Solutions (a division of EAD) is now being uploaded to the EAD website allowing visitors to search across EAD and Specialist Antennas products on one website.

The Specialist Antennas range of products are stable of antenna and RF solutions from leading manufacturers such as Sirio, PCTEL, Smarteq, Laird and others. The range includes some fantastic antennas for frequencies from 150 MHz to 6 GHz.

Highlights include:

LTE-HIGAIN-MAG Antenna – a very popular low profile LTE magnetic mount antenna

SMP-LTE-MIMO Antenna – a directional LTE MIMO panel antenna

AllDisc – a low profile, high gain LTE dome antenna

8178D – a GPS GLONASS network timing reference antenna

Specialist Antennas can supply the whole product ranges from our suppliers. The website shows just a small proportion of the popular products. Don’t forget that the antennas can be combined with our RF195, RF240 and RF400 low loss cables for a fully customised solution.

Many of the SAS products can be purchased in small quantities via the Connex webshop.

For more information on the Specialist Antennas portfolio, please contact us.

Button LTE Compact Low Profile Puck Antenna

The Button LTE compact low profile antenna is a discreet screw-mounted puck antenna. Supporting frequencies from 690-2690 MHz, this robust antenna is mounted via a 14mm mounting hole for permanent mounting. Measuring just 62.5mm in diameter and 27.5mm in height, the Button LTE compact antenna is one of the smallest low profile LTE antennas on the market. Peak gain ranges from 1.75 dBi in the low band to 4.31 dBi in the upper band. The Button LTE antenna when mounted securely onto a flat metal surface is waterproof rated to IP67.

This antenna is ideal for LTE and NB-IoT applications such as security, retail and access applications where a small permanently mounted antenna is required.

Various cable and connector options can be configured. Typical connectors include SMA, FME, CRC9, TS9, MCX and MMCX.

For a MIMO LTE low profile antenna, please check out the CMO antenna.

An 868 and 915 MHz Button is also available.

A Dual band WiFi Button  antenna will be released in the near future.

SMP-4G-LTE 4G High Gain Directional Panel Antenna

The SMP-4G-LTE is a 4G high gain directional panel antenna supplied with mounting hardware suitable for outdoor wall or pole installation. Offering up to 9 dBi gain across the frequency bands, this antenna covers 790-960 and 1710-2690 MHz. It is fed by a short pigtail cable and SMA-Male connector and can be complemented with a variety of low loss coaxial cables that can be customised to length to fit the application.

The SMP panel antenna is very compact and offers best-in-class performance making it suitable for 4G wireless broadband, security, wireless CCTV and high bandwidth LTE applications.

Small quantities of the SMP-4G-LTE antenna can be purchased via the Connex webshop.

For a MIMO panel antenna, you could consider the SMP-MIMO antenna. For a high gain omni antenna, the HGO-4G-LTE is an excellent choice.

AllDisc high performance 5G/LTE dome antenna

The AllDisc high performance 5G/LTE dome antenna from Smarteq is designed for discreet deployments where antenna performance must not be compromised. Covering LTE bands from 698 MHz to 2690  and the 3400-3800 MHz 5G bands, the AllDisc antenna offers unrivalled peak gain when mounted onto a groundplane and exceptional performance when mounted onto a non-conducting surface. On a groundplane in the lower bands, peak gain is 4.5 dBi and is also 4.5 dBi- 5 dBi in the 1710-2170 MHz bands. At 2500 MHz to 2690 MHz, the peak gain is 3.5 dBi. At 3400-3800 MHz the peak gain is 7 dBi.

Available as permanent-mounted antenna with a threaded boss and locking nut underneath, the AllDisc as standard has a 2.5M cable and SMA-Male connector (part number 710266). When mounted correctly, the antenna is IP class IP6K9K and designed for continuous outdoor use.

This antenna is ideal for kiosks, wireless security and CCTV systems as well as vehicle applications where an antenna with best in class performance is required.

For more information and quotations, please contact us. For a smaller 4G antenna, check out the SmartDisc.

Rugged low profile LTE antenna now available

A rugged low profile LTE magnetic antenna, the LTE-HIGAIN-MAG is an ideal solution for fixed and mobile LTE applications where a robust antenna is required. Supplied on a chrome-finished magnetic base, this antenna offers excellent RF performance in a small profile package. With a peak gain in the 690-960 MHz band of 3.5 dBi and a peak gain of 5.5 dBi in the upper bands, this rugged low profile LTE antenna offers unrivalled performance.

As standard, it is supplied with 4M of cable that can be terminated in a variety of connectors included SMA, N-Type, TNC, QMA, FME and more. It can also be supplied with a black radome instead of the white radome shown.

The LTE-HIGAIN-MAG can be purchased online via the Connex webshop.

For a MIMO magnetic antenna, do check out the MP-2L.

LTE-HIGAIN-MAG rugged LTE magnetic antenna

The LTE-HIGAIN-MAG is a high gain magnetic mount antenna supporting 4G, LTE, 3G and GSM frequency bands. Covering all global LTE bands including 2600 MHz (Europe) and 700 MHz (North America), the LTE-HIGAIN-MAG is a robust low profile antenna with a high strength magnetic mount. It is based on the TRA6927M3 from Laird.

It is supplied with approx 4M of cable as standard and is terminated in a SMA-Male connector.

This antenna should be mounted onto a metal surface for optimum performance. Ideal surfaces would be the metal roof of a narrowboat, a vehicle roof or other reasonably-sized metal surface.

It can be ordered via the Connex Webshop.

For an alternative MIMO low profile magnetic antenna, please check out the MP-2L.

Product Specifications:

Frequency Range
– 698-960 MHz, 1710-2700 MHz
– 698-806 MHz < 2.5: 1.0
– 806-960 MHz < 2.0: 1.0
– 1710-2110 MHz < 2.0: 1.0
– 2110- 2170 MHz < 2.5: 1.0
– 2300- 2700 MHz < 2.0: 1.0
Nominal Peak Gain
– 698-960 MHz 3.5 dBi
– 1710-1990 MHz 5.5 dBi
– 2100-2700 MHz 4.6 dBi
Average Efficiency
– 698-960 MHz 90% (max: 96%)
– 1710-1990 MHz 91% (max: 95%)
– 2100-2700 MHz 80% (max: 86%)
Polarization – Vertical
Pattern – Omnidirectional
Input Impedance – 50 Ω
Maximum Power – 100 W
Colour – White radome with Chrome mount

LTE Stubby Antenna wideband stub antenna for LTE

The LTE Stubby antenna is a 1/4 wave, compact, stub antenna designed for 700-2700 MHz LTE applications. Ideally suited to complement modems and terminals where a discreet, but robust antenna is require, the LTE Stubby offers an innovative solution for deployment.

Based on the popular Targan antennas, as standard the LTE Stubby  is housed in a durable, black acetal sheath that is screwed onto a either a SMA-Male straight or SMA-Male right angle connector. With a VSWR across the bands of better than 3:1 the LTE Stubby offers effective performance for its size and facilitates support for worldwide LTE bands.

The LTE stubby has an overall length of 68.1mm for the SMA-Male straight version or 65mm for the SMA-Male Right angle version.

Please contact your local EAD distributor for pricing and availability

For small volume requirements, the LTE Stubby is available via the Connex webshop.

For a 1/2 wave, groundplane independent LTE terminal antenna, take a look at the WTS7270 or the WTR7270.

The part numbers for the LTE-Stubby are FLTS35367-SM-RA and FLTS35367-SM-ST.

MIMO LTE WiFi multi element puck antenna

EAD has introduced new multi element puck antenna offering MIMO LTE and WiFi based on the popular CPx platform. The C2LW low profile puck antenna incorporates two 700-2700 MHz LTE elements and one WiFi element with a robust housing.

This new C2LW antenna augments the MIMO LTE range of low profile puck antennas to facilitate the addition of WiFi capabilities to a MIMO LTE antenna. This is very useful for transportation, logistical and telematics applications and well as wireless security deployments and charging station systems.

The CMO is a two element 700-2700 MHz low profile puck antenna. For small quantities, the CMO can be purchased via the Connex webshop.

The CMG is a MIMO LTE + GNSS low profile puck antenna.

The CLWG is another multi element puck antenna offering 1 x LTE, 1 x WiFi + GNSS.


C2LW MIMO LTE WiFi antenna low profile puck

The C2LW MIMO LTE WiFi antenna is a low profile,  IP67 rated puck antenna designed for enclosure, roof or flat metal surface mounting. It offers two 700-2700 MHz 4G/LTE antenna elements and one WiFi antenna element with 3 coaxial cable feeds.

Ideal for MIMO LTE + WiFi applications where a single discreet antenna is desirable, the C2LW offers a robust and effective solution for transportation applications such as on vehicle roofs or enclosure/cabinet installations where the antenna can be installed effectively via a 20mm mounting hole. Once mounted the sealing gasket underneath the antenna provides a waterproof, IP67 seal against the mounting surface allowing the antenna to be installed continuously outdoors.

The formal part number for the C2LW is FC2LW35368-SMSMRS-3K assuming 3 x 3M RG174 cables and SMA/SMA on LTE and RP-SMA on WiFi.

For a 2 x LTE puck antenna, please check out the CMO.

For more information, availability and pricing, please contact us.

LPO-D4547 MIMO 450 MHz low profile antenna

The LPO-D4547 MIMO antenna is a low profile dome antenna containing two 450-470 MHz elements. Ideal for fixed and mobile LTE 450 applications requiring MIMO antennas, this antenna is permanently mounted via a mounting stud underneath.

Inside the ASA radome, the two 450-470 MHz antenna elements can be complemented by an optional active GNSS antenna element.

Measuring 140mm in diameter and 80mm in height, the LPO-D4547 MIMO antenna is very compact for a dual element UHF antenna and lends itself well to vehicle and mobile machinery roofs.

The LPO and LPO-4L are other variations of this antenna platform. If required a 2 x 450 MHz + 2 x 700-2700 MHz version can be supplied for specific applications requiring both LTE 450 and LTE 700-2700 MHz.

For a 450-470 MHz MIMO antenna for fixed applications for wall and pole mount or leisure marine purposes, check out the LMO4547.

WCO-450-WMB 450 MHz Wall Mount Omni

The WCO-450-WMB is a compact, waterproof outdoor omni antenna operating in the frequency range of 450-470 MHz. Ideal for UHF applications and LTE 450 deployments, this antenna is robust and durable and offers a discreet outdoor solution to connect to terminals and routers.

The WCO-450-WMB has a UV-resistant Luran sheath, a robust N-Female connector barrel and is mounted upon a stainless steel L-bracket. Combined with low loss cables such as BWL195 and RF240, the antenna can be installed some distance from the radio thereby maximising available signal.

Electrically when mounted on the bracket, the antenna offers 2.15 dBi gain with a VSWR of 1.7:1. The antenna has been widely installed at a variety of frequencies including 433 MHz.

For more information and pricing on the WCO-450-WMB, please contact your local EAD distributor or contact us.

LPO-4L four element MIMO LTE antenna

The LPO-4L is a four element MIMO LTE antenna designed for high speed 4 x 4 MIMO LTE applications where a single antenna with 4 separately fed broadband LTE elements is required. Based on the modular LPO antenna platform, the antenna is robust and designed for permanent mounting onto flat surfaces up to 13mm thickness. Once mounted the antenna is IP67 waterproof and can be used for fixed or mobile applications.

Offering 3/4 dBi gain across the LTE bands, the LPO-4L is an effective performer and with all 4 elements integrated in one unit helps reduce installation times for MIMO LTE deployments.

An option to have an active GNSS antenna inside the LPO-4L is also possible. This offers an active gain of 28 dB and separate SMA cable for the GNSS. This version is called the LPO-4LG.

The LPO-4L four element MIMO LTE  antenna is based on the popular LPO antenna which has 2 x LTE, 2 x WiFi and 1 x GNSS. The standard LPO antenna can be purchased via the Connex Webshop for customers in Europe.

4 x 4 LTE MIMO antenna has arrived at EAD

EAD is pleased to introduce a 4 x 4 LTE MIMO antenna for external fixed and mobile applications. Based on the innovative LPO antenna, this new platform has four broadband 690-2960 MHz elements co-existing inside one low profile radome. An active GPS/GLONASS antenna element can also be configured to reside alongside the 4 LTE elements.

For applications requiring high speed LTE making use of 4 x 4 MIMO functionality, the LPO-4L offers a compact and robust solution with each antenna element fed by a separate cable.

The LPO-4L is one of a number of LPO antenna configurations available including the standard LPO (2 x LTE, 2 WiFi + GNSS) and LPO-D4547 with 2 x 450 MHz elements.

For more information and pricing on the LPO-4L antenna, please contact us or your local EAD distributor.

The LPO-4L antenna can also be used with RF240 low loss cables to extend the installation.

The standard LPO can be purchased from the Connex webshop.

Market leading quality antennas from SAS

A range of market-leading quality antennas from a world-leading antenna manufacturers are available via EAD’s sister companies, Specialist Antennas and Connex Technologies Ltd.

Specialist Antenna Solutions is a trading division of EAD which works with quality RF manufacturers including PCTEL, SIRIO, SMARTEQ, LAIRD, SCAN and others.

Connex Technologies Ltd is a dedicated webshop for European customers to purchase antennas and RF cables from these manufacturers.

The most popular PCTEL antennas is the BMLPVMB/LTE which is also sold with a magnetic mount as a bundle called the LTE-RUGGED-HIGAIN-MAG. In addition, the GPS and GNSS Timing antennas – GPS-TMG-40NMS are also very popular.

The Laird TRA6927M3 antennas are also very popular solutions. Again bundled with a magnetic mount and called the LTE-HIGAIN-MAG, they are a robust and effective 4G LTE magnetic mount antenna. Alternatively a permanent mount version the TRA6927M3PW-001 is available for purchase where a through-hole mount antenna is required.

From Sirio Antenna based in Italy, there are a number of excellent 4G external antennas available including the SMP-4G-MIMO panel antenna, the HGO-4G-LTE High gain omni and the SMP-4G-LTE.

The AllDisc and SmartDisc from Smarteq offer excellent RF performance for low profile dome and puck antennas respectively. The 710211 antenna from Smarteq is particularly popular.

In addition to the above market leading quality antennas, the most popular EAD LTE antennas can be ordered in small quantities via Connex including the LMO and CMO MIMO antennas as well as RF400 cables.



New Magnetic Low Profile UHF Antenna arrives at EAD

A new magnetic low profile UHF antenna, the LP-MAG-450, has been introduced by EAD. Based on our WCO (waterproof compact omni) platform, this antenna offers a robust, durable solution for fixed and mobile applications.

Supplied with a solid magnetic mount and a UV-Resistant Luran sheath, this antenna is low profile which helps to reduce impacts and knocks associated with long UHF whip antennas. The connector at the end of the cable of this magnetic low profile UHF antenna can be customised to allow connectivity to a wide range of radios. Connector types on offer include SMA, N, BNC, TNC, RP-SMA and FME.

The modular nature of this product means we can offer a similar solution at 169 MHz, 433 MHz, 868 MHz and 915 MHz. Other frequencies in the VHF and UHF band are also possible.

For more information, please visit the product page or contact EAD or a local EAD distributor.

Low Loss RF coaxial cable assemblies RF240 and RF400

Low Loss RF coaxial cable assemblies based on RF240 and RF400 low loss cable products are available from EAD.

You can download our RF240 and RF400 overview brochures here:

RF240 Low Loss coaxial cables

RF400 Low Loss coaxial cables

These low loss RF cables can be customer specified with the parameters of length and connector type configurable. Both cable types complement LTE, IoT, GNSS and UHF outdoor antenna installations. Typical products that marry with these cables are the LMO7270, FGO, and HIGAIN-RTK antennas.

Popular RF400 part numbers include RF400-SF-SM-10M and RF400-NM-SM-10M

For more information on EAD’s low loss RF coaxial cable assemblies, please contact EAD or your local distributor.


LTE waterproof vertical blade antenna introduced

EAD is pleased to announce the arrive of the WTS7270 LTE waterproof vertical blade antenna. Designed primarily to mount directly onto terminals, modems and routers for fixed and mobile outdoor applications, the WTS7270 is a IP66 rated facilitating long term outdoor deployment.

With an overall length of 191mm, the WTS7270 is relatively compact with a superior, robust build quality and a tough, ruggedized SMA-Male connector. This lends itself well to harsher environments than standard LTE stub or blade-style antennas.

The WTS7270 LTE waterproof vertical blade antenna is shipping now. Please contact EAD or your local EAD distributor for pricing and availability.

For a MIMO LTE non-metal mount blade antenna, check out our MIMO-Blade.

WTS7270 Waterproof LTE Vertical Blade Antenna

The WTS7270 Waterproof LTE Vertical Blade Antenna from EAD is a waterproof, IP66-rated, vertical blade antenna for 4G/LTE applications direct terminal mounting. Residing on products such as routers, modems, security systems and wireless access solutions, the WTS7270 antenna is durable and robust and is terminated in a ruggedized SMA-Male connector.

The antenna offers 1 dBi gain across the cellular frequency bands from 690-2700 MHz and has an overall length of 191mm. Based on its build quality, the WTS7270 waterproof LTE vertical blade antenna is a superior outdoor terminal mount antenna solution to other terminal antennas that do not have true waterproof capability.

A multi-position version (non-waterproof) of this antenna is available, it is the WTR7270.

A TNC-Male connector version is also available.

The formal part number for the WTS7270 is FWTS35361-SM-ST. For more information and quotations, please contact us or your local EAD distributor.

LPO antenna enhanced supporting 450 MHz

The EAD LPO antenna enhanced supporting 450 MHz for LTE 450 applications is now available. With 2 x LTE elements and 2 x WiFi elements, the LPO45727 is ideal for running 700-2700 MHz LTE alongside LTE 450 services.

EAD has used the modular LPO platform to bring this new offering to market. It is a compact design for a multiband antenna solution and is through-hole mount for permanent installation. The LPO has a gasket underneath for an IP67 waterproof deployment and is fed by 4 cables from underneath.

An alternative 450 MHz antenna is our VLP4.

For more information on the LPO45727, please contact us.

If you require a variation of the LPO antenna, please contact us to see if we can develop it for you.

Waterproof LTE MIMO blade antenna for outdoor applications

The MIMO-Blade waterproof LTE MIMO blade antenna is an excellent solution for LTE applications where a MIMO antenna is be mounted outdoors or in an environment where moisture is present. This antenna is housed in an IP67 waterproof, low-pressure moulded and durable material and can be mounted onto non-metal surfaces via suction cups (2 supplied as standard), velcro, cable ties, adhesive tape or adhesive.

Particularly-suited to mobile applications such as trucking and transit where the antenna could be installed exterior to the cab onto or underneath a non-metal surface or covering etc, the MIMO-Blade waterproof LTE MIMO blade antenna offers excellent RF performance in a compact package. Complementing LTE routers and radios with 2 x LTE antenna connectors, this antenna can aid stealth or covert installations where antennas should be functional, but not seen.

Fed by 2 coaxial cables that can be terminated in SMA, CRC9, TS9, FME and other connectors, the MIMO-Blade is a a very flexible solution because it can also neatly address applications such as vending, utilities telemetry, monitoring, CCTV and security.

More information on the MIMO-Blade can be found here.

For customers in Europe, you can purchase low volumes of the MIMO-Blade via the Connex webshop.

EAD also supplies LTE MIMO puck and LTE MIMO Magnetic puck antennas which between them offer a flexible solutions to complement LTE routers and terminals.

Low Loss RF240 cables extend LTE installations

Low Loss RF240 cables from EAD are ideal for longer cable runs from LTE antennas to routers, modems and radios. These cables have excellent RF properties whilst having an overall diameter of 6.1mm and being flexible enough to route easily during installation. Typical cable runs for RF240 measure up to 15M to 20M in length.

As an alternative to LMR240, low loss RF240 cables represent an excellent price performance offer. EAD builds RF240 cable assemblies to order in-house. With automated measuring, cutting, stripping and crimp tools, we can tailor the cable configuration to suit your application.

The most common connectors we fit to RF240 cables include SMA-Male, SMA-Female, TNC-Male, N-Male, RP-SMA. Many other connectors are possible.

Some example part numbers for reference are:

RF240-NM-SM-10M – 10M RF240 with N-Male / SMA-Male

RF240-SF-SM-15M – 15M RF240 with SMA-Female / SMA-Male

RF240-SM-TNM-5M – 5M RF240 with SMA-Male / TNC-Male

Please contact us for your RF240 requirements.

For longer cables again, RF400 cable from EAD is an excellent solution. Some RF400 cables can be purchased via our webshop.

LTE power dividers for M2M applications

For applications requiring LTE power dividers, EAD can recommend the Wevercomm 2-way and 4-way SMA-Female RF power splitters from Wevercomm. A compact,well-engineered solution, these power dividers cover all the 4G/LTE, 3G and GSM frequency bands from 700 MHz to 2700 MHz.

The WVV-0.7T2.7G-2WS01 is a 2-way power divider for 700-2700 MHz with SMA-Female connectors.

The WVV-0.7T2.7G-4WS01 is a 4-way power divider for 700-2700 MHz with SMA-Female connectors.

For more technical information, you can visit our sister site  

The Wevercom power dividers can be purchased from the Connex webshop. For higher quantity quotations or application requiring more ports (i.e. 8-way) or alternative frequencies, please contact us.

EAD can also provide RF feeder cables for these LTE power dividers.

Hot Product – MP-2L LTE MIMO magnetic puck

The MP-2L LTE MIMO magnetic puck antenna is a low profile, permanent puck antenna offering two multi-band LTE elements to complement LTE routers with two antenna ports. Ideal for vehicle roofs, metal enclosure and cabinets, the MP-2L antenna is housed in a robust radome and is mounted by way of a high pull strength magnet at the base of the unit. Ideal for applications where drilling a hole for a permanent mount antenna is undesirable.

The antenna is fed by two coaxial cables and cable length and/or connector type can be customised.

The MP-2L is one of a range of puck antennas designed for a wide breadth of fixed and mobile 4G access applications.

A permanent mount version of this antenna called the CMO is also available.

For European customers, small quantities of the MP-2L LTE MIMO magnetic puck antenna and the CMO antenna can be purchased via the Connex webshop.

Four LTE MIMO antennas to get you connected

So you have sourced your LTE router and are looking for an antenna, here are four LTE MIMO antennas that you might want to consider depending on your application.

The antenna choice you make will very much depend on your application and on how/where you want your installation. The four antennas we look at here will cover an outdoor pole or wall mount omni antenna, a permanent mount puck antenna, a magnetic mount puck antenna and internal/external blade antenna. All four of the these antennas offer LTE connectivity in the frequency range 690-960/1710-2690 MHz (basically North American and European LTE bands excluding the 450 MHz LTE band) and all four LTE MIMO antennas are MIMO solutions i.e. they incorporate two LTE antenna elements that operate simultaneously.

Outdoor Wall/Pole Mount MIMO Omni AntennaLMO7270
Housed in an aesthetically pleasing ASA radome, the LMO7270 is designed for both fixed and mobile applications included fixed broadband access, leisure marine, wireless CCTV and security system deployments. Combined with a robust white L-bracket, the LMO antenna is supplied with clamps and mounting for both wall and pole mounting (an option marine mount adapter is also available to connector to 1″ marine mounts).

Offering dual polarisation with one vertically-polarised LTE and one horizontally polarised LTE antenna element, the LMO is an ideal product to combine with 2 antenna port LTE routers and is widely installed across commercial, industrial and leisure marine applications. Available with a combination of low loss jumper cables such as BWL195 or RF400, the LMO7270 is a flexible solution for outdoor antenna installations.

The LMO7270 can be purchased online via the Connex webshop.

Low Profile MIMO Puck AntennaCMO
A durable low profile, permanent mount puck antenna solution is required in a number of applications where the antenna should ideally be covert, discreet and mitigate the risk of damage. The CMO antenna ticks these boxes. Mounted by way of a threaded stud from underneath through a 20mm mounting hole, this antenna offers two LTE elements in a reduced height, reduced diameter package without compromising on performance. Once correctly installed the CMO is waterproof and is IP67 rated.

For small quantity requirements for Europe, the CMO can be purchased via the Connex webshop.

Low Profile MIMO Magnetic Puck AntennaMP-2L
When a magnetic mount antenna is required instead of a permanent mount puck antenna, a very good solution is the MP-2L. Offering two LTE antenna elements housed inside a robust radome, the MP-2L has high-pull strength magnet in its base and it is fed by 2 cables which exit at the side so as not to interfere with installation. This antenna is ideal should drilling a hole in a vehicle skin or enclosure wall is not desirable or should the application demand that the antenna be moved frequently.

LTE MIMO Blade AntennaMIMO-Blade
For an antenna that may not be permanently mounted, one option is to use a blade style antenna to mount onto a window or non-metal surface. The MIMO-Blade is one such antenna that is IP67 rated and so can be mounted inside or outside. Offering two LTE elements, this antenna is fully sealed and waterproof and is supplied with two suction cups as standard, but could also be mounted with adhesive tape, velcro or an adhesive bond such as mastick. The MIMO-Blade can be installed as a covert solution so outwardly there appears to be no antenna installed at all.

The MIMO-Blade can be purchased via the Connex Webshop.

These four LTE MIMO antennas all offer innovative solutions for your LTE installation and combine high quality build along with robust electrical performance. For more information, visit the product pages or the webshop.

For reseller inquiries, please contact us at




Hot Product – CMO LTE MIMO puck antenna

The CMO LTE MIMO puck antenna is a low profile, permanent puck antenna offering two multi-band LTE elements to complement LTE routers with two antenna ports. Ideal for vehicle roofs, metal enclosure and cabinets, the CMO antenna is housed in a robust radome and is mounted by way of an integral mounting stud at the base of the unit. The antenna is fed by two coaxial cables and cable length and/or connector type can be customised. Once mounted correctly, the CMO is IP67 rated.

The CMO is one of a range of puck antennas designed for a wide breadth of fixed and mobile 4G access applications.

A magnetic version of this antenna called the MP-2L is also available.

For European customers, small quantities of the CMO can be purchased via the Connex webshop.

MP-2LG MIMO LTE GNSS Magnetic Antenna

The MP-2L is a MIMO LTE GNSS Magnetic Antenna part of the EAD’s Magnetic Puck range. Based on the CPx antenna radome, the MP-2L is a low profile puck antenna with a high pull-strength magnet in the base of the antenna. This version has 2 x LTE antenna elements and an active GPS/GLONASS element making it ideal for mobile LTE applications to be installed on vehicle roofs and remote LTE-enabled systems such as wireless CCTV.

The MP-2LG MIMO LTE GNSS magnetic antenna is part of the MP Magnetic Puck antenna range including the MP-2L (2 x LTE) and the MP-LWG (1 x LTE, 1 x WiFi, 1 x GNSS).

A permanent mount version of this antenna is also available called the CMG.

MP-2L – LTE MIMO Magnetic Puck antenna

The MP-2L is a LTE MIMO Magnetic Puck antenna designed for LTE wireless applications requiring a vehicle roof mounted antenna or a metal surface mount antenna that does not need to permanently mounted. In many applications it is undesirable to drill holes in the roof of vehicle or in metal enclosure or alternatively the antenna may simply need to be moved around. This LTE MIMO magnetic puck antenna addresses this application offering a high pull strength magnetic base under a robust low profile radome.

Two LTE multi-band elements facilitate MIMO functionality and the antenna is fed by cables that exit at the side of the antenna thereby not interfering with the secure mounting of the antenna.

The MP-2L is part of EAD’s new MP (magnetic puck) antenna range with a number magnetic mount puck antenna models available.

The MP-2L is available via your local EAD distributor or reseller. Alternatively customers in Europe, can order via the Connex webshop.

A version of the MP-2L antenna with an integrated active GPS/GLONASS element is also available. This is called the MP-2LG.

Also check out our LTE, WiFi and GPS/GLONASS Mag Puck, the MP-LWG.


MP-LWG – LTE WiFI GNSS magnetic mount antenna

The MP-LWG is a LTE WiFI GNSS magnetic mount antenna designed for roof-mount and outdoor multi-band wireless applications. Fitted with a high-pull strength magnetic underneath, the MP-LWG  is part of the MP (magnetic puck) antenna range which offers a number of configurations including 2 x LTE and 2 x LTE + GNSS.

The cables for the MP-LWG exit from the side of the antenna so they d not interfere with the mounting mechanism and have integral strain relief for the cables. The cable length and the connector types can be configured per customer requests.

This LTE WiFi GNSS magnetic mount antenna is ideal for transit applications where a permanent mounted antenna by way of a hole in the vehicle roof is undesirable.

Check out the CLWG for the permanent mount version of this antenna.

Please contact us for more information, pricing and lead times.

Hot Product – CMG dual LTE GNSS antenna

The CMG dual LTE GNSS antenna is a neat solution for MIMO LTE and GNSS applications requiring a robust and low profile puck antenna. Based on EAD’s popular CPx platform, two 690-2700 MHz antenna elements coexist alongside an active GPS/GLONASS antenna.

The CMG is mounted via way of a threaded stud and locking nut underneath and with a robust gasket is IP67 rated when mounted correctly onto a flat surface such as a vehicle roof, street cabinet or kiosk enclosure. The antenna is feed by 3 cables which can be terminated with coaxial connectors per customer requirements including SMA, FME, MMCX, TS9, CRC9.

A version without the GPS/GLONASS element is available – it is called the CMO. It offers 2 x LTE elements and is an ideal complement to LTE routers that have two antenna ports. The CMO can be purchased via the Connex webshop.

Hot Product – WTR7270 4G LTE terminal antenna

The WTR7270 4G LTE terminal antenna is an innovative solution for fixed and mobile applications requiring a blade-style antenna with a SMA-Male connector. Supporting worldwide 4G LTE bands from 700-2700 MHz, the WTR7270 offers a practical solution for mobile and fixed devices, routers and terminals whilst offering robust performance in a sleek black sheath.

Complementing many 4G and LTE routers and terminals, the WTR7270 is one of the most popular EAD antennas alongside the MIMO-Blade and the LMO7270 products. For further details on the WTR7270, please visit the product page.

For European customers, you can purchase small quantities online at or alternatively contact your local EAD distributor.

The formal part number is FWTR35292-SM-KR.

multiband transit antenna platform – VLP4 antenna

The VLP4 antenna is a multiband transit antenna platform designed primarily for on-vehicle use. Based on a low profile footprint, the VLP4 can be developed to meet customer specifications for VHF, UHF, TETRA and multi-band frequency bands.

Examples of antenna configurations might be LTE450 + LTE 700-2700 MHz, 2 x LTE 450 MHz, TETRA + LTE or LTE450 + LTE 700-2700 + WiFi.

The antenna mounts directly onto a flat metal surface and requires a groundplane to operate correctly. The cable(s) exit underneath through a gland in the base plate.

Please feel free to contact us with your requirements for the VLP4 antenna. Some requirements may require additional chargeable development work depending on the parameters of the project.

You can also use our antenna configurator to help build your customised VLP4 multiband transit antenna platform solution.

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