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Button LTE Compact Low Profile Puck Antenna

The Button LTE compact low profile puck antenna is a small and discreet 4G LTE antenna solution to be mounted indoors or outdoors on metal surfaces

The Button LTE compact low profile antenna is a discreet screw-mounted puck antenna. Supporting frequencies from 690-2690 MHz, this robust antenna is mounted via a 14mm mounting hole for permanent mounting. Measuring just 62.5mm in diameter and 27.5mm in height, the Button LTE compact antenna is one of the smallest low profile LTE antennas on the market. Peak gain ranges from 1.75 dBi in the low band to 4.31 dBi in the upper band. The Button LTE antenna when mounted securely onto a flat metal surface is waterproof rated to IP67.

This antenna is ideal for LTE and NB-IoT applications such as security, retail and access applications where a small permanently mounted antenna is required.

Various cable and connector options can be configured. Typical connectors include SMA, FME, CRC9, TS9, MCX and MMCX.

For a MIMO LTE low profile antenna, please check out the CMO antenna.

An 868 and 915 MHz Button is also available.

A Dual band WiFi Button  antenna will be released in the near future.