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C2LW MIMO LTE WiFi antenna low profile puck

The C2LW is a MIMO LTE WiFi antenna with 2 x 4G/LTE antenna elements and 1 x WiFi element for low profile permanent through-hole mounting

The C2LW MIMO LTE WiFi antenna is a low profile,  IP67 rated puck antenna designed for enclosure, roof or flat metal surface mounting. It offers two 700-2700 MHz 4G/LTE antenna elements and one WiFi antenna element with 3 coaxial cable feeds.

Ideal for MIMO LTE + WiFi applications where a single discreet antenna is desirable, the C2LW offers a robust and effective solution for transportation applications such as on vehicle roofs or enclosure/cabinet installations where the antenna can be installed effectively via a 20mm mounting hole. Once mounted the sealing gasket underneath the antenna provides a waterproof, IP67 seal against the mounting surface allowing the antenna to be installed continuously outdoors.

The formal part number for the C2LW is FC2LW35368-SMSMRS-3K assuming 3 x 3M RG174 cables and SMA/SMA on LTE and RP-SMA on WiFi.

For a 2 x LTE puck antenna, please check out the CMO.

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