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LTE-MIMO-MAG 4G LTE MIMO magnetic mount antenna

The LTE-MIMO-Mag is a LTE MIMO magnetic mount antenna designed for fixed and mobile 4G applications where an outdoor non-permanent antenna is required

The LTE-MIMO-Mag is a 4G LTE MIMO magnetic mount antenna. It is designed for fixed and mobile outdoor deployments where a 2-port 4G /LTE is required. Especially for applications, where drilling holes for permanent mount antennas is undesirable, the LTE-MIMO-Mag offers a compact and robust antenna solution.

With a gain of 3 dBi, the LTE-MIMO-Mag offers excellent RF performance and is fed by 2 x 3M cables as standard which are terminated in SMA-Male connectors. Other cable lengths and connectors are possible by request. The antenna base measures 70mm and the height is 100mm which is ideal in applications where long antennas are not  practical,  for example damage from low hanging branches onto vehicle roofs.

For European customers requiring a small quantity of LTE-MIMO-Mag 4G LTE MIMO magnetic antennas, these can be purchased via the Connex webshop.

For wall or pole mount MIMO LTE omni antennas, please check out the LMO7270 antenna.