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Hot Product – CMO LTE MIMO puck antenna

28th March 2018

The CMO LTE MIMO puck antenna is a low profile, permanent puck antenna offering two multi-band LTE elements to complement LTE routers with two antenna ports. Ideal for vehicle roofs, metal enclosure and cabinets, the CMO antenna is housed in a robust radome and is mounted by way of an integral mounting stud at the base of the unit. The antenna is fed by two coaxial cables and cable length and/or connector type can be customised. Once mounted correctly, the CMO is IP67 rated.

The CMO is one of a range of puck antennas designed for a wide breadth of fixed and mobile 4G access applications.

A magnetic version of this antenna called the MP-2L is also available.

For European customers, small quantities of the CMO can be purchased via the Connex webshop.