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LPO-D4547 MIMO UHF low profile dome antennna

The LPO-D4547 is a MIMO UHF low profile dome antenna designed to support two concurrent UHF antenna elements suitable for roof or enclosure mounting

The LPO-D4547MIMO is a MIMO UHF low profile dome antenna containing two 450-470 MHz antenna elements. Based on our innovative LPO antenna platform, this variant incorporates two independent UHF antenna elements and has an option for an active GPS element too.

The UHF elements can be customised to offer support for 380-400 MHz, 410-430 MHz or 433 MHz should other frequency bands be required.

This MIMO UHF low profile dome antenna is designed to be roof or enclosure mounted, however it is possible for it to be bracket mounting should the LPO-D4547 be required to mount onto a wall.

The 450 MHz version of this antenna is suitable for MIMO 450 LTE applications including the LP-MAG-390 and LP-MAG-450.

The LPO-D4547 antenna is one of a new range of innovative UHF antennas that EAD has recently released. For information on this antenna, please contact EAD or your local sales partner for more information.