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LTE Stubby Antenna wideband stub antenna for LTE

The LTE Stubby antenna is a wideband stub antenna operating from 700 MHz to 2700 MHz with either a SMA-Male Straight or SMA-Male Right Angle connector

The LTE Stubby antenna is a 1/4 wave, compact, stub antenna designed for 700-2700 MHz LTE applications. Ideally suited to complement modems and terminals where a discreet, but robust antenna is require, the LTE Stubby offers an innovative solution for deployment.

Based on the popular Targan antennas, as standard the LTE Stubby  is housed in a durable, black acetal sheath that is screwed onto a either a SMA-Male straight or SMA-Male right angle connector. With a VSWR across the bands of better than 3:1 the LTE Stubby offers effective performance for its size and facilitates support for worldwide LTE bands.

The LTE stubby has an overall length of 68.1mm for the SMA-Male straight version or 65mm for the SMA-Male Right angle version.

Please contact your local EAD distributor for pricing and availability

For small volume requirements, the LTE Stubby is available via the Connex webshop.

For a 1/2 wave, groundplane independent LTE terminal antenna, take a look at the WTS7270 or the WTR7270.

The part numbers for the LTE-Stubby are FLTS35367-SM-RA and FLTS35367-SM-ST.