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MP-LWG – LTE WiFI GNSS magnetic mount antenna

The MP-LWG is a LTE WiFI GNSS magnetic mount designed for outdoor and roof-mounting onto metal surface for applications requiring LTE and Multi-band provision

The MP-LWG is a LTE WiFI GNSS magnetic mount antenna designed for roof-mount and outdoor multi-band wireless applications. Fitted with a high-pull strength magnetic underneath, the MP-LWG  is part of the MP (magnetic puck) antenna range which offers a number of configurations including 2 x LTE and 2 x LTE + GNSS.

The cables for the MP-LWG exit from the side of the antenna so they d not interfere with the mounting mechanism and have integral strain relief for the cables. The cable length and the connector types can be configured per customer requests.

This LTE WiFi GNSS magnetic mount antenna is ideal for transit applications where a permanent mounted antenna by way of a hole in the vehicle roof is undesirable.

Check out the CLWG for the permanent mount version of this antenna.

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