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SmartDisc 4G Multiband Puck Low Profile Antenna

The SmartDisc is a 4G multiband puck antenna suitable for outdoor permanent or tape mounting onto terminals, kiosks, cabinets and other metal enclosures

The SmartDisc is a 4G multiband puck antenna designed for either screw-mounting (permanent mount) or tape (adhesive) mounting onto enclosures, terminals, cabinets and kiosks. Ideally to be mounted onto a metal surface, the SmartDisc antenna offers impressive performance in a small form factor radome. It is a rugged, durable, low profile 4G/3G/GSM antenna ideal for telemetry, metering, vending,security and heavy vehicle applications. It is perfect to use where a discreet antenna is required.

For a high-performance alternative, you could consider the AllDisc antenna.

For small quantities, the SmartDisc 4G multiband puck antenna can be ordered via the Connex webshop. For larger quantities, please contact us for a customised quotation.

Popular configurations include:

710211 – SmartDisc Black Screw Mount 2.5M cable SMA-Male

710221 – SmartDisc Black Tape Mount 2.5M cable SMA-Male