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5G 4G Outdoor Antennas

5G 4G outdoor antennas for all-weather installations

If you need 5G 4G outdoor antennas for deployments all year round, here are a few quality antennas to consider.

AllDisc 5G – a high gain, low profile dome antenna for permanent mounting. A best-in-class antenna offering 5G and 4G support for mounting on a flat surface (or with an option wall bracket). The AllDisc is fully weatherproof and robust offering superb gain figures across the bands, ideal for sites on the fringes of the network where a tough, discreet antenna is required such as security, CCTV and site applications.

MHO5GFR1 – a fully wideband 5G/4G  antenna. This omni is a high-performance omnidirectional antenna series is designed to cover frequencies from 617 – 5925 MHz for broadband access applications. With its integral N Female and N Male connector options at the base, this antenna can be directly mounted on the radio equipment or pole mounted depending on which model you order. This antenna is great for access applications requiring a compact, but consistently performing outdoor omni.

BMLPV5000 – an extremely rugged 5G antenna for mobile applications such as utility vehicles, transportation as well as fixed deployments in harsh environments. This antenna is ground-plane dependent and should be used with either a magnetic or permanent mount terminated in a cable and connector of your choice. Durable to withstand impacts and all the weather can throw at it, this antenna is especially neat for telematics and ITS installations.

VerStack 5G – a high performance MIMO 5G +GNSS antenna ideal for private 5G networks and small cell applications. A design based on vertically stacked 5G and GNSS elements, its ruggedized materials provide maximum durability, and performance for mobile data and video communications.

These 5G 4G outdoor antennas offer unrivaled performance and build quality from world-leading antenna manufacturer PCTEL.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss how to integrate these antennas in your 5G outdoor deployment alongside low loss coaxial cables, surge protectors and mounting accessories.

Improved LPO6938-4P-WB antenna

Improved LPO6938-4P-WB antenna now released

EAD is pleased to introduce an improved LPO6938-4P-WB antenna based on a new UV-resistant ASA bracket. With possibilities for wall, pole and rail, mounting, this antenna is designed to complement 5G routers.

Our new ASA bracket offers more mounting options for external applications such as security, wireless CCTV, leisure marine and network resilience. With solid gain figures across the bands, the LPO6938 offers robust performance in a reduced height form factor. We have also added a strain relief plug where the cables exit the antenna for durability and to protect against moisture ingress.

For quotes and lead times for our improved LPO6938-4P-WB antenna, please contact us or your local EAD distributor.

Six Port 5G antenna

QAD – Six Port 5G antenna Trooper II from PCTEL introduced

The Trooper II Six Port 5G antenna from PCTEL has been introduced. This antenna is compatible with the leading 5G OEM routers, featuring six high-efficiency 5G FR1 antenna elements that deliver fast and reliable connectivity for voice, video, and data transmissions. It also contains PCTEL’s proprietary high-rejection, multi-constellation GNSS L1 L2 L5technology for high precision location tracking

With excellent RF performance, low profile form factor and slim footprint, it is ideal for industrial IoT, intelligent transportation, public safety and enterprise applications.

Check out the Trooper II product page here.

For more information on the Trooper II Six Port 5G antenna, pricing and availability, please contact us.