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Trooper II 6 Port 5G slim permanent outdoor antenna

The Trooper II 6 Port 5G slim cabinet mount outdoor antenna is an ideal solution for MIMO installations using multiport 5G routers

The Trooper II 6 Port 5G slim permanent mount outdoor antenna is manufactured by PCTEL. This antenna is compatible with the leading 5G routers, featuring six high-efficiency 5G FR1 elements that deliver fast and reliable connectivity. It is mounted via a metal 1-inch stud mount with slotted jam nut.

Offering a low profile form-factor with narrow footprint, the Trooper II cabinet mount antenna is housed in an attractive, UV stable radome  and rated to IP67 for maximum protection against ingress when correctly mounted.

A proprietary high-rejection, multi-constellation GNSS L1 L2 L5 technology is also included for high precision location tracking.

For more information on the Trooper II 6 Port 5G antenna, please download the datasheet and contact with any questions.

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