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Band 71 LTE antenna

Band 71 LTE antenna WTR6138 introduced by EAD

EAD has today introduced a Band 71 LTE antenna covering the 617 MHz to 3800 MHz frequencies. The WTR6138 is designed for mounting directly onto a router, modem or gateway.

As EAD’s first terminal antenna that covers Band 71 starting at 617 MHz, the WTR6138 is our widest bandwidth antenna covering the LTE frequencies across 700 to 2700 MHz. It also supports European 5G frequencies across the 3400-3800 MHz. With compact dimensions and a length of 171mm, this antenna offers consistent performance across the bands with a peak gain ranging from just under 1 dBi at the lowest band and 4 dBi in the higher bands.

The antenna is terminated in SMA-Male plug connector and is designed for direct mounting to a panel mounted SMA-Female connector.

For pricing and availability, please contact EAD or your local EAD distributor or reseller.

ISM band terminal antennas overview

ISM band terminal antennas overview

When selecting ISM-band and LoRa terminal antennas, there are many options for your application. Download our ISM band terminal antennas overview here:

ISM Antennas

If you are mounting antennas directly onto a terminal or enclosure using 169 MHz, 433 MHz, 868 MHz or 915 MHz, then the flyer has some suggestions for antenna choices. Our portfolio is not limited to these antennas and we have a full range for terminal antennas through to high gain omni antennas like the DMO8684 or the WMO8685.

The 169 MHz antennas are used for the European licence-free metering band at 169 MHz and we can offer terminal or wall-mount antennas at this frequency.

Four 433 MHz terminal antennas

Four 433 MHz terminal antennas for ISM bands

Focusing on 433 MHz frequencies, we present here four 433 MHz terminal antennas for ISM band applications. Many 433 MHz applications require a terminal mounted antenna, typically with a SMA-Male connector. EAD offers a number of interesting solutions for ISM licence-free frequencies and we summarise them here.

WR/WS433 – 433 MHz stub antenna

The WR433 and WS433 antennas are compact quarter wave, groundplane dependent stub antennas. Requiring a groundplane (metal mounting surface) to operate efficiently, the WR433 and WS433 are usually terminated in a SMA-Male connector. Containing a 1/4 wave coil, the antenna element is housed in robust and durable acetal sheath.

433 MHz captive mount antenna

The W433-FLY is a captive-mount 1/4 wave whip antenna with flying lead. The design enables the antenna to be integrated into the wall of an enclosure and the cable fed inside to the radio. As standard the cable is RG174 for a SMA, RP-SMA or MMCX connector, however it can be offered with a U.FL flying lead for radios mounted with U.FL receptacles. The W433-FLY does require a groundplane to operate effectively.

433 MHz quarter-wave helical antenna

The MH433 is a quarter-wave moulded helical antenna usually terminated in SMA-Male connector. Requiring a groundplane to operate effectively, the MH433 is compact whilst retaining some flexibility which is especially helpful in mobile applications. Other frequencies and connectors based on this design are possible, please contact us for more information.

433 MHz groundplane independent whip antenna

The FEW433 is a 433 MHz whip antenna that doesn’t require a groundplane to operate. Based around a moulded sheath, the FEW433 is flexible, however offers robust performance. It is available with the SMA-Male or TNC-Male connector as standard although a RP-SMA connector is also possible.

Four 433 MHz terminal antennas for ISM bands

These antennas are not the only 433 MHz antenna options available from EAD. We can also offer wall-mount or 1/4 wave whip antennas. If you do not see what you need, please use our antenna configurator to determine your requirement.

WTR7270 4G LTE terminal antenna

Hot Product – WTR7270 4G LTE terminal antenna

The WTR7270 4G LTE terminal antenna is an innovative solution for fixed and mobile applications requiring a blade-style antenna with a SMA-Male connector. Supporting worldwide 4G LTE bands from 700-2700 MHz, the WTR7270 offers a practical solution for mobile and fixed devices, routers and terminals whilst offering robust performance in a sleek black sheath.

Complementing many 4G and LTE routers and terminals, the WTR7270 is one of the most popular EAD antennas alongside the MIMO-Blade and the LMO7270 products. For further details on the WTR7270, please visit the product page.

For European customers, you can purchase small quantities online at www.connextech.co.uk or alternatively contact your local EAD distributor.

The formal part number is FWTR35292-SM-KR.