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PTR2700 – Portable 4G Multiband terminal antenna

The PTR2700 is a 4G Multiband terminal antenna with articulating SMA connector suitable for 4G terminals and routers for fixed and mobile applications

The PTR2700 is a 4G multiband terminal antenna based on a  ½ wave dipole blade antenna design covering 800/900/1800/1900/2100 and 2600 MHz for GSM and UMTS (3G) and 4G operation. This covers European 4G, 4G and GSM frequencies. It doesn’t support North American 700 MHz nor LTE 450.

It has a injection-moulded sheath and comes with SMA-Male swivel joint connector that can lock in three positions. the PTR2700 offers 1.5 dBi peak gain.

The PTR2700 is an ideal solution for 4G multiband cellular applications including wireless routers, telemetry and telematics application where 4G, GSM and 3G capability is required.

For 700-2700 MHz 4G LTE terminal antenna, the WTR7270 is an excellent and popular solution