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BT-Stubby – quarter wave WLAN stubby antenna

The BT-Stubby is a quarter wave WLAN stubby antenna for mounting onto 2.4 GHz wireless terminals and devices with metal enclosures

The BT-Stubby is a cost-effective quarter wave WLAN stubby antenna operating in the 2.4 GHz WiFi frequency band and is used for wireless device applications including portable and fixed units. Requiring a suitable grounplane to operate efficiently, the BT-Stubby needs to be mounted onto a metal surface or enclosure.

As standard the BT-Stubby is offered with a SMA or RP-SMA connector. You can check our blog for the coaxial connector selection guide to help you determine the correct connector.

The BT-Stubby is available in straight or right-angle SMA or RP-SMA versions. It usually is panel mounted and mates to a pigtail or adapter cable terminated in a SMA-Female Bulkhead connector or a RP-SMA Bulkhead Jack connector.