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M2MAC-UF-XX-SFP UFL SMA-Female Panel Mount Adapter

The M2MAC-UF-XX-SFP UFL SMA-Female Panel mount adapter cable enables the connector on a SMA terminal antenna to a U.FL radio module inside an enclosure.

The M2MAC-UF-XX-SFP UFL SMA-Female panel mount adapter cable enables the connector of a SMA-Male terminated external antenna to an enclosure housing a U.FL radio module. Using a Hirose U.FL plug at one end to connect to the radio, the SMA-Female panel mount connector is mounted via a hole in the wall of the enclosure. A terminal antenna such as the WTR6138 or the BT-Stubby antenna will then mate directly to the SMA-Female connector.

The cable length is configurable so for example M2MAC-UF-10-SFP has a cable length of 100mm. The M2MAC-UF-20-SFP has a cable length of 200mm. However the M2MAC-UF-XX-SFP UFL SMA-Female can be customised with any required cable length.

For European customers, small quantities of the M2MAC-UF-10-SFP can be purchased via the Connex webshop.