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Rugged low profile

Rugged low profile LTE antenna now available

A rugged low profile LTE magnetic antenna, the LTE-HIGAIN-MAG is an ideal solution for fixed and mobile LTE applications where a robust antenna is required. Supplied on a chrome-finished magnetic base, this antenna offers excellent RF performance in a small profile package. With a peak gain in the 690-960 MHz band of 3.5 dBi and a peak gain of 5.5 dBi in the upper bands, this rugged low profile LTE antenna offers unrivalled performance.

As standard, it is supplied with 4M of cable that can be terminated in a variety of connectors included SMA, N-Type, TNC, QMA, FME and more. It can also be supplied with a black radome instead of the white radome shown.

The LTE-HIGAIN-MAG can be purchased online via the Connex webshop.

For a MIMO magnetic antenna, do check out the MP-2L.

QMA Adapter Cables

QMA Adapter Cables now available from EAD

EAD is pleased to introduce QMA adapter cables based on BWL195 low loss coaxial cable. As shown in the image, we can terminate a QMA Male (plug) right angle and customised the length and the connector at the other end to suit.

Ideal for terminals and access points with QMA Jack antenna connectors, EAD assembles and customises the BWL195 cables in-house to customer requirements.

Connectors for the other end include SMA-Female, SMA-Male, TNC, N-Type, BNC, FME-Female and others on request.

For the specification on the BWL195 cables, please visit the BWL195 page.

QMA adapter cables based on BWL195 can be purchased via the Connex webshop or your local EAD reseller or distributor.

We can also terminate BWL195 cables in QMA-Female Jack straight connectors.

For more information or large requirements, please contact us.

LTE wideband stub

LTE wideband stub antenna newly introduced by EAD

EAD has today introduced a new LTE wideband stub antenna. The LTE Stubby is a 1/4 wave, compact, robust antenna for LTE terminals and modems.

Measuring no longer than 68.1mm in overall length, the LTE Stubby is offered as standard with a SMA-Male straight or SMA-Male right angle connnector. It requires a groundplane to operate effectively and covers the LTE frequency bands from 700-2700 MHz with a VSWR of less than 3:1.

It complements EAD’s LTE terminal offering including the WTR7270 and the WTS7270 antennas.

For more information and availability our new LTE wideband stub antenna, please contact us or your local EAD distributor.

The LTE Stubby antenna should be available to buy in small quantities from the Connex webshop by early June 2019.

multi element puck

MIMO LTE WiFi multi element puck antenna

EAD has introduced new multi element puck antenna offering MIMO LTE and WiFi based on the popular CPx platform. The C2LW low profile puck antenna incorporates two 700-2700 MHz LTE elements and one WiFi element with a robust housing.

This new C2LW antenna augments the MIMO LTE range of low profile puck antennas to facilitate the addition of WiFi capabilities to a MIMO LTE antenna. This is very useful for transportation, logistical and telematics applications and well as wireless security deployments and charging station systems.

The CMO is a two element 700-2700 MHz low profile puck antenna. For small quantities, the CMO can be purchased via the Connex webshop.

The CMG is a MIMO LTE + GNSS low profile puck antenna.

The CLWG is another multi element puck antenna offering 1 x LTE, 1 x WiFi + GNSS.


RG223 Coaxial Cables

RG223 Coaxial Cables offered by EAD

EAD is pleased to be able to offer customised RG223 cables. Based on high quality, European manufactured RG223 cable, we can assemble RG223 cables in-house customising the cable length and terminating with a variety of coaxial connectors.

RG223 U is a double-screened 50 Ohm RF coaxial cable manufactured in compliance with MIL-C-17F standards. With two silvered copper braids for screening and a non-contaminating PVC sheath with a diameter of 5.4mm, the RG223 cable assemblies offer excellent RF properties whilst offering more flexibility than low loss cables of similar diameter.

EAD can terminate RG223 coaxial cables with N, SMA, TNC connectors amongst others. Please contact us for quotes and more information. Our RG223 offering complements our BWL195, RF240 and RF400 low loss cable products.




Compact wall-mount antennas

Compact wall-mount antennas can address many applications

Compact wall-mount antennas based on EAD’s popular WCO product range offer flexible and discreet waterproof, outdoor antenna solutions for access to VHF, UHF, cellular and WiFi networks. Built on a common platform with a robust UV-resistant, weatherproof sheath, the WCO-XXX-WMB antennas offer effective RF performance coupled with a reliable long-lasting mechanical design.

This antenna is terminated in a N-Female connector and is mounted onto a stainless steel L-bracket. The WCO-XXX-WMB compact wall-mount antennas can be bundled with BWL195, RF240 and RF400 low loss cables to offer a customised solution for your application.

Variants of the WCO WMB antennas include:

WCO-169-WMB – 169 MHz wall-mount omni antenna for 169 MHz unlicensed frequency band applications

WCO-433-WMB – 433 MHz wall-mount omni antenna designed for 433 MHz ISM unlicensed bands

WCO-450-WMB – 450-470 MHz wall-mount omni antenna ideal for LTE 450 or 459 MHz applications

WCO-868-WMB- 868 MHz wall-mount omni for 868 MHz ISM bands

WCO-915-WMB – 902-928 MHz wall-mount omni antenna for 915 MHz ISM bands.

WCO-2400-WMB – 2.4 GHz wall-mount omni antenna for WiFi applications

Other VHF, UHF or frequency specific versions can be designed on request subject to minimum order quantities.

The WCO-433-WMB can be purchased online via the Connex webshop.

For more information, please contact us.

UHF access antennas

A range of VHF and UHF access antennas from EAD

Over the past few months, EAD has been working hard to develop VHF and UHF access antennas, a modular range of products to address new and existing VHF applications. Before the advent of cellular communications, most radio networks operated at VHF and UHF frequencies and many applications still do.

In addition, new applications based on these frequencies such as the 169 MHz VHF EU licence-free band or the LoRa wireless communications at 868 MHz are being developed with success across the European market and beyond.

With these market developments in mind, EAD has been working on fixed and mobile antennas to offer an innovative and unique range of solutions addressing the antenna part of these applications.

The challenges at VHF are based around the long wavelegnth at lower frequencies such as 169 MHz. The wavelength at 169 MHz is around 1.8M in length so you can understand that often a 1/2 wave antenna can be cumbersome or certainly not compact enough for many terminal or metering applications.

At UHF it is more a case of having UHF access antennas built from robust components combined with offering robust RF performance.

Our ever expanding range of VHF and UHF fibreglass omni-directional access antennas already encompass 169 MHz, 433 MHz and 450 MHz frequency bands. All antennas are mounted on a stainless steel L-bracket and terminated in a N-Female connector. These antennas are durable and compact as the L-bracket provides the groundplane for the 1/4 wave element inside the fibreglass sheath.

For mobile applications, our magnetic mount antennas are based on our popular WCO antenna sheath, a waterproof, UV-resistant black Luran sheath mounted onto a high-pull strength magnetic mount pre-fitted with coaxial cable and connector. We have already developed 169 MHz, 390 MHz, 433 MHz and 450 MHz versions of this antenna – other variations can be supplied on request.

For low profile applications, we also have our VLP4 platform, a compact, reduced height wedge-style antennna that can accommodate 1 or 2 UHF elements or indeed a VHF elements. The VLP4 antenna is customised to order and EAD works with our VLP4 customers to tailor the correct VLP4 antenna for their application.

For terminal antennas, a range of helical, stub and whip antennas are available from 150 MHz up to 900 MHz. Depending on the antenna, the connectors choices are wide including SMA, TNC, N-Type, RP-SMA, BNC and more.

Other antennas in our range can be applied to VHF and UHF frequencies, such as the WCO compact omni range or alternatively the LPO antenna for UHF applications.

Please feel free to contact us with your VHF and UHF antenna requirements and we’ll do our best to specify the correct antenna for your application.

4 x 4 LTE MIMO antenna

4 x 4 LTE MIMO antenna has arrived at EAD

EAD is pleased to introduce a 4 x 4 LTE MIMO antenna for external fixed and mobile applications. Based on the innovative LPO antenna, this new platform has four broadband 690-2960 MHz elements co-existing inside one low profile radome. An active GPS/GLONASS antenna element can also be configured to reside alongside the 4 LTE elements.

For applications requiring high speed LTE making use of 4 x 4 MIMO functionality, the LPO-4L offers a compact and robust solution with each antenna element fed by a separate cable.

The LPO-4L is one of a number of LPO antenna configurations available including the standard LPO (2 x LTE, 2 WiFi + GNSS) and LPO-D4547 with 2 x 450 MHz elements.

For more information and pricing on the LPO-4L antenna, please contact us or your local EAD distributor.

The LPO-4L antenna can also be used with RF240 low loss cables to extend the installation.

The standard LPO can be purchased from the Connex webshop.

VHF UHF Antenna options

VHF UHF Antenna options available from EAD

A wide range of VHF UHF Antenna options are available from EAD.

Our offering includes VHF helical antennas to UHF panel antennas. We will summarise a number of the possibilities in this blog entry.

Helical Antennas


A moulded helical antenna is a 1/4 wave antenna requiring a ground plane that can operate at either VHF or UHF frequencies. As an example, our H169-SMA is a 169 MHz helical antenna with a SMA-Male connector. Other connectors available include BNC, TNC and RP-SMA.

Whip Antennas


A number of whip antennas are available for UHF frequencies. Based on an injection-moulded sheath, the whip antennas are 1/4 wave antennas and require a ground plane. They can be either terminal or through-hole mount and some examples are the MW868, W868-FLY, W915-RS and the MW433. Various connectors include BNC, TNC, SMA and RP-SMA.

Compact Omni Antennas


Our compact omni antennas are based on a robust UV-resistant Luran sheath and connector barrel. Options are available for VHF or UHF frequencies and the compact omni antennas can be terminal, wall or magnetic mounted. Examples include the WCO-169-WMB, the WCO-433-WMB, the LP-MAG-390 and the WCO-169. Connectors available for these antennas include N-Type, TNC, RP-TNC, SMA and RP-SMA.

Low profile Antennnas


Our low profile antennas include the VLP4 and the LPO – both of which can offer UHF and multiband communications in one low profile roof mount antenna. With various mix and match antenna elements, these two antennas are ideal for UHF combined with GNSS or LTE frequencies.

Outdoor Omni Antennas

Our outdoor omni antennas can typically be wall-mounted. Based on three antenna platforms, the LCO and the WMO V1 or the WMO v2 platforms we can offer VHF or UHF functionality in either a Luran or Fibreglass sheath with a variety of connectors as well as offer a choice of bracket accessories. The new DMO8684 is a variation on that theme and can be purchased via the Connex Webshop.

Based on our modular building blocks, we are able to construct many VHF UHF antenna options based on the above antennas depending on the frequency, cable length, connector type or mounting method that is required. For more information, please contact us with your requirements.

390 MHz Compact Magnetic Antenna

LP-MAG-390 390 MHz Compact Magnetic Antenna

The LP-MAG-390 is a low profile 390 MHz compact Magnetic antenna designed for UHF applications covering 380–400 MHz including some TETRA frequencies. This antenna is robust and durable and ideal for outdoor applications where long antenna whips are undesirable.

The magnetic base is 90mm in diameter and the overall height is just 180mm enabling excellent RF performance whilst avoiding the draw backs of long whip antennas including issues such as damage from overhanging vegetation and other impacts when vehicles are operational. Apart from mobile applications, the LP-MAG-390 is also suitable for fixed applications where a discreet and non-permanent antenna solution is required.

The cable length can be a maximum of 3.5M (other bases are available with longer cable runs) and the connector type can be ordered to requirement.

For more information and pricing on the 390 MHz compact magnetic antenna, please contact your local EAD distributor or EAD directly for assistance.

The LP-MAG antenna can also be supplied at the following frequencies: 169 MHz, 433 MHz, 450 MHz, 868 MHz and 915 MHz. Other frequencies on request.

A range of other UHF antennas can be purchase via the Connex webshop.