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M2MAC-UF-XX-SFP UFL SMA-Female Panel Mount Adapter

The M2MAC-UF-XX-SFP UFL SMA-Female panel mount adapter cable enables the connector of a SMA-Male terminated external antenna to an enclosure housing a U.FL radio module. Using a Hirose U.FL plug at one end to connect to the radio, the SMA-Female panel mount connector is mounted via a hole in the wall of the enclosure. A terminal antenna such as the WTR6138 or the BT-Stubby antenna will then mate directly to the SMA-Female connector.

The cable length is configurable so for example M2MAC-UF-10-SFP has a cable length of 100mm. The M2MAC-UF-20-SFP has a cable length of 200mm. However the M2MAC-UF-XX-SFP UFL SMA-Female can be customised with any required cable length.

For European customers, small quantities of the M2MAC-UF-10-SFP can be purchased via the Connex webshop.

CPR class Eca low loss coaxial cable assembles available

EAD is pleased to introduce RF400 and RF240 Eca low loss coaxial cable assemblies. For coaxial cables requiring permanent installation into in-building applications, CPR compliance is now mandatory. CPR (Construction Products Regulation) legislation as it relates to coaxial cables addresses flammability properties of cables that are be installed inside buildings.

RF400 LSZH and RF240 LSHZ are both CPR classified as Eca and is manufactured in the European Union to high and consistent standards. At EAD, we cut the LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) cables to the required length and terminate with the customer-specified connectors.

For more details on the two Eca low loss cables visit our RF cables products page and for quotes or lead times, please contact us.

RF195 Low Loss RF coaxial cable assemblies

RF195 low loss RF cable is suitable for cable runs typically up to 10M at Cellular, LTE,and 2.4 GHz frequencies. It can also be used for VHF and UHF applications. RF195 is a quality RF cable manufactured in the European Union.

We can supply customised RF95 cable assemblies with connectors and length of cable to suit. Standard coaxial connectors for RF195 include N-Male, N-Female, SMA-Male, SMA-Female, RP-SMA, FME-Female, FME-Male, TNC-Male, BNC-Male and RP-TNC.

Standard RF195 cable assemblies that are usually pre-built in inventory include 5M SMA-Male/SMA-Female, 5M SMA-Male/SMA-Male and 5M N-Male/SMA-Male.

For RF195 low loss cable quotations and further information, please contact us.

For lower loss cable options, please check out our custom-assembled RF240 and RF400 cables.

RF195 cables can be purchased from your local EAD distributor or online at the Connex webshop.

Low Loss RF240 cables extend LTE installations

Low Loss RF240 cables from EAD are ideal for longer cable runs from LTE antennas to routers, modems and radios. These cables have excellent RF properties whilst having an overall diameter of 6.1mm and being flexible enough to route easily during installation. Typical cable runs for RF240 measure up to 15M to 20M in length.

As an alternative to LMR240, low loss RF240 cables represent an excellent price performance offer. EAD builds RF240 cable assemblies to order in-house. With automated measuring, cutting, stripping and crimp tools, we can tailor the cable configuration to suit your application.

The most common connectors we fit to RF240 cables include SMA-Male, SMA-Female, TNC-Male, N-Male, RP-SMA. Many other connectors are possible.

Some example part numbers for reference are:

RF240-NM-SM-10M – 10M RF240 with N-Male / SMA-Male

RF240-SF-SM-15M – 15M RF240 with SMA-Female / SMA-Male

RF240-SM-TNM-5M – 5M RF240 with SMA-Male / TNC-Male

Please contact us for your RF240 requirements.

For longer cables again, RF400 cable from EAD is an excellent solution. Some RF400 cables can be purchased via our webshop.

RF240 – 6mm diameter low loss cable assemblies

RF240 coaxial cable is a 6mm diameter low loss cable suitable to operate as a jumper cable for outdoor wireless antennas. With excellent RF properties in a small diameter sheath, RF240 cable lends itself well to cable runs up to 15-20M for cellular applications.

With an outer diameter of 6.10mm, it is still pretty flexible. It has excellent RF performance with good attentuation figures across the bands up to 3 GHz. The RF240 is an equivalent to LMR240 cable, but a more cost effective alternative. We can offer this cable pre-terminated with SMA, N-Type, TNC  and other RF connectors as required. As we assemble these cables in-house we can quickly accommodate customer requests for specific lengths or connector types.  RF240 complements EAD omni antennas such as the FGO and LMO antenna or the directional panel antenna, the LPM8270.

For small quantity requirements of pre-configured RF240 6mm diameter low loss cable purchases can be made via the Connex webshop. We offer 3M, 5M, 8M, 10M and 15M cables as standard with various connector options. The individual cables can be purchased via the links below:

Buy 3M RF240 pre-terminated cable
Buy 5M RF240 pre-terminated cable
Buy 8M RF240 pre-terminated cable
Buy 10M RF240 pre-terminated cable
Buy 15M RF240 pre-terminated cable

For a slightly smaller diameter cable and cable runs up to 10M, take a look at RF195.

For very low loss cables, take a look at the RF400.

Please note we do NOT supply bulk cable or individual connectors.

M2MAC-MR-XX-FMB – MMCX to FME adapter cable

The MMCX to FME adapter cable is a MMCX right angle to FME-Male Bulkhead adapter cable (also known as RF pigtail). The two connectors are joined by RG-174 coaxial cable.

This adapter cable enables connectivity from a radio module to an external antenna where the external antenna is terminated in a FME-Female (Jack) connector.

There are two standard options offering 100mm and 200mm RG-174 cable lengths.

Custom configurations are available using MMCX Straight connectors, RG-178 or alternative cable lengths, please contact us for more details.

Check out the MMCX to SMA-Female adapter cables if you are using SMA-Male terminal antennas.

RF400 – Very low loss RF coaxial cable assemblies

RF400 is a very low loss RF coaxial cable designed for longer cable runs and is comparable in performance to LMR400 or BWL400. RF400 is a high quality low loss cable manufactured in Europe.

We can supply customised RF400 cable runs with customer-specified connectors and cable lengths. Standard connectors supplied for RF400 include N-Male, N-Female, BNC-Male, TNC-Male, RP-TNC, SMA-Male, SMA-Female.

Common configurations include N-Male to SMA-Male to connect up omni-directional and directional antennas terminated in N-Female connectors where the radio modem has a SMA-Female connector.

For RF400 very low loss RF coaxial cable quotations and further information, please contact us. For customers in Europe, you can buy some 10M, 15M, 20M, 25M and 30M pre-terminated RF400 cables via the Connex Webshop. The individual cables can be purchased via the links below:

Buy 10M RF400 pre-terminated cable
Buy 15M RF400 pre-terminated cable
Buy 20M RF400 pre-terminated cable
Buy 25M RF400 pre-terminated cable
Buy 30M RF400 pre-terminated cable

For a smaller low loss coaxial cable for shorter cable runs, you could consider RF195 or RF240 low loss cables.