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M2MAC-MR-XX-FMB – MMCX to FME adapter cable

The M2MAC-MR-XX-FMB is a MMCX to FME adapter cable suitable for connecting RF modules to panel or bulkhead mounted terminal antennas

The MMCX to FME adapter cable is a MMCX right angle to FME-Male Bulkhead adapter cable (also known as RF pigtail). The two connectors are joined by RG-174 coaxial cable.

This adapter cable enables connectivity from a radio module to an external antenna where the external antenna is terminated in a FME-Female (Jack) connector.

There are two standard options offering 100mm and 200mm RG-174 cable lengths.

Custom configurations are available using MMCX Straight connectors, RG-178 or alternative cable lengths, please contact us for more details.

Check out the MMCX to SMA-Female adapter cables if you are using SMA-Male terminal antennas.