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WCO-450-MIMO-WMB 450 MHz MIMO Wall-Mount Omni Antenna

The WCO-450-MIMO-WMB is an outdoor MIMO omni antenna. It is based on our popular WCO antenna platform. The gain of each element is 2 dBi and it is complemented by RF195 and RF240 low loss cables. The antennas are mounted on a stainless steel bracket which can be easily affixed to a wall.

Ideal for LTE 450 and UHF applications where MIMO or diversity functionality is required, the WCO-450-MIMO-WMB is robust and durable.  This makes it very suitable for industrial and commercial applications where antenna durabilty is a key elment of the installation. The antenna elements are constructed using a UV-resistant Luran sheath and use the stainless steel bracket as a ground plane. Both antennas are terminated in a N-Female connector.

For a pole-mount/wall-mount dome style 450 MHz MIMO antenna, check out the LMO4547.

For a single element compact omni for 450-470 MHz, take a look at the WCO-450.

WCO 450 MHz Compact Outdoor Omni Antenna

The WCO 450 MHz compact waterproof omni-directional antenna is a robust solution for outdoor applications. Housed in a rigid, robust sheath, the WCO antenna is a durable solution for UHF and LTE 450 MHz deployments

The sheath length is 116mm long and the radiating element is groundplane dependent so the antenna should mount onto a metal surface, a metal wall bracket or have a proximity groundplane available. There are various connector options including N-Female Bulkhead mount, N-Male (as pictured) and TNC -Male.

The WCO 450 MHz compact omni antenna with a N-Female connector can optionally be mounted on a L-bracket for wall-mounted applications.

For our 450 MHz MIMO omni antenna, check out the LMO4547 antenna.

LPO-D4547 MIMO 450 MHz low profile antenna

The LPO-D4547 MIMO antenna is a low profile dome antenna containing two 450-470 MHz elements. Ideal for fixed and mobile LTE 450 applications requiring MIMO antennas, this antenna is permanently mounted via a mounting stud underneath.

Inside the ASA radome, the two 450-470 MHz antenna elements can be complemented by an optional active GNSS antenna element.

Measuring 140mm in diameter and 80mm in height, the LPO-D4547 MIMO antenna is very compact for a dual element UHF antenna and lends itself well to vehicle and mobile machinery roofs.

The LPO and LPO-4L are other variations of this antenna platform. If required a 2 x 450 MHz + 2 x 700-2700 MHz version can be supplied for specific applications requiring both LTE 450 and LTE 700-2700 MHz.

For a 450-470 MHz MIMO antenna for fixed applications for wall and pole mount or leisure marine purposes, check out the LMO4547.

WCO-450-WMB 450 MHz Wall Mount Omni

The WCO-450-WMB is a compact, waterproof outdoor omni antenna operating in the frequency range of 450-470 MHz. Ideal for UHF applications and LTE 450 deployments, this antenna is robust and durable and offers a discreet outdoor solution to connect to terminals and routers.

The WCO-450-WMB has a UV-resistant Luran sheath, a robust N-Female connector barrel and is mounted upon a stainless steel L-bracket. Combined with low loss cables such as BWL195 and RF240, the antenna can be installed some distance from the radio thereby maximising available signal.

Electrically when mounted on the bracket, the antenna offers 2.15 dBi gain with a VSWR of 1.7:1. The antenna has been widely installed at a variety of frequencies including 433 MHz.

For more information and pricing on the WCO-450-WMB, please contact your local EAD distributor or contact us.

New Magnetic Low Profile UHF Antenna arrives at EAD

A new magnetic low profile UHF antenna, the LP-MAG-450, has been introduced by EAD. Based on our WCO (waterproof compact omni) platform, this antenna offers a robust, durable solution for fixed and mobile applications.

Supplied with a solid magnetic mount and a UV-Resistant Luran sheath, this antenna is low profile which helps to reduce impacts and knocks associated with long UHF whip antennas. The connector at the end of the cable of this magnetic low profile UHF antenna can be customised to allow connectivity to a wide range of radios. Connector types on offer include SMA, N, BNC, TNC, RP-SMA and FME.

The modular nature of this product means we can offer a similar solution at 169 MHz, 433 MHz, 868 MHz and 915 MHz. Other frequencies in the VHF and UHF band are also possible.

For more information, please visit the product page or contact EAD or a local EAD distributor.

LP-MAG-450 Low Profile 450 MHz Magnetic antenna

The LP-MAG-450 is a low profile 450 MHz Magnetic antenna designed for UHF applications running between 450 and 470 MHz. Also suitable for LTE 450 MHz applications, this antenna is robust and durable and ideal for outdoor applications where long antenna whips are undesirable.

The magnetic base is 90mm in diameter and the overall height is just 180mm enabling excellent RF performance whilst avoiding the draw backs of long whip antennas including issues such as damage from overhanging vegetation and other impacts when vehicles are operational. Apart from mobile applications, the LP-MAG-450 is also suitable for fixed applications where a discreet and non-permanent antenna solution is required.

The cable length can be a maximum of 3.5M (other bases are available with longer cable runs) and the connector type can be ordered to requirement.

For more information and pricing, please contact your local EAD distributor or EAD directly for assistance.

The LP-MAG antenna can also be supplied at the following frequencies: 169 MHz, 390 MHz, 433 MHz, 868 MHz and 915 MHz. Other frequencies on request.

For a 450 MHz MIMO Omni antenna, take a look at the LMO4547.


LPO antenna enhanced supporting 450 MHz

The EAD LPO antenna enhanced supporting 450 MHz for LTE 450 applications is now available. With 2 x LTE elements and 2 x WiFi elements, the LPO45727 is ideal for running 700-2700 MHz LTE alongside LTE 450 services.

EAD has used the modular LPO platform to bring this new offering to market. It is a compact design for a multiband antenna solution and is through-hole mount for permanent installation. The LPO has a gasket underneath for an IP67 waterproof deployment and is fed by 4 cables from underneath.

An alternative 450 MHz antenna is our VLP4.

For more information on the LPO45727, please contact us.

If you require a variation of the LPO antenna, please contact us to see if we can develop it for you.

VLP4 antenna integrates 450 LTE GPS WLAN capabilities

A new version of EAD’s VLP4 antenna integrates 450 LTE GPS WLAN frequencies into one low profile roof-mount antenna. Ideal for LTE 450 and LTE multiband applications, this VLP4 version also offers a 2.4 GHz WLAN element and an active  GPS/GLONASS element for positioning.

Fed by three cables, one for LTE450/700-2700 MHz, one for WLAN and one for GPS/GLONASS, the VLP4 is an effective solution for transit applications, trucking and machinery where 4G connectivity alongside positioning and WiFi capabilities is required.

For more information and pricing on this antenna, please contact us here at EAD and we’ll be happy to help you.

For more generic VLP4 information, please visit the product page.

multiband transit antenna platform – VLP4 antenna

The VLP4 antenna is a multiband transit antenna platform designed primarily for on-vehicle use. Based on a low profile footprint, the VLP4 can be developed to meet customer specifications for VHF, UHF, TETRA and multi-band frequency bands.

Examples of antenna configurations might be LTE450 + LTE 700-2700 MHz, 2 x LTE 450 MHz, TETRA + LTE or LTE450 + LTE 700-2700 + WiFi.

The antenna mounts directly onto a flat metal surface and requires a groundplane to operate correctly. The cable(s) exit underneath through a gland in the base plate.

Please feel free to contact us with your requirements for the VLP4 antenna. Some requirements may require additional chargeable development work depending on the parameters of the project.

You can also use our antenna configurator to help build your customised VLP4 multiband transit antenna platform solution.

WCO-450-WMB – 450 MHz Compact Outdoor Omni

The WCO-450-WMB is a 450 MHz compact outdoor omni antenna designed for wall-mount applications for providing access to 450-470 MHz LTE or UHF networks.

Based on our WCO-XX-WMB platform, this antenna is comprised of a UV-resistant, flame retardant sheath and stainless steel L-bracket for wall-mounting. This antenna combined with low loss extension cables such as RF240 is an effective and discreet solution for installations where the antenna cannot be located close to the router or radio.

Other versions for the WCO-XX-WMB include 2.4 GHz and 433 MHz. 915 and 868 MHz versions are also available. For WCO-450-WMB pricing and lead times, please contact us.

We can supply other frequencies based on the WCO-XX-WMB platform from 150 MHz to 6 GHz. Please contact us for details.

LMO4547 – LTE 450 MHz MIMO omni antenna

The LMO4547 is a MIMO (2 port) 450-470 MHz Multiband dual polarised omni-directional antenna. Housed in a durable radome, the LMO4547 450 MHz MIMO omni antenna is suitable for outdoor applications including leisure marine environments to improve reception of LTE 450 MHz signals, especially for wireless broadband, security and CCTV deployments.

The frequencies supported are 450-470 MHz.

The LMO4547 measures approximately 187mm in height and 106mm at the base. It will be available with or without the wall/pole mount bracket and fed by two short pigtail cables, allowing for longer jumper cables to be connected for specific cable runs.

The LMO4547 450 MHZ mimo omni antenna is supplied with a gasket and a moulded nut as standard so the antenna can be installed as a permanent, through-hole mount solution to be mounted onto a non-metal surface or enclosure. Alternatively, the antenna can be ordered to include brackets for wall or pole mount.