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Multi Constellation Magnetic Antenna for RTK applications

5th September 2018

EAD is introducing a multi constellation magnetic antenna for RTK GNSS applications. The MP-RTK antenna is based on the popular MP (Magnetic Puck) platform and supports GPS L1, L2, L5, GLONASS 1, GLONASS 2, Beidou 1 and Beidou 2 frequencies.

Fed by a single RG174 cable for all frequencies, the MP-RTK antenna has an integrated LNA with approximately 37 dB gain thereby offering high gain performance. With a strong magnetic in the base of the antenna, it is ideal for vehicle or non-permanent mounting applications.

Alternatively, if required the MP-RTK antenna element could be housed in the CPx permanent mount enclosure when a through-hole mount solution is required.

For pricing and availability of the MP-RTK antenna, please contact us.