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The CLW is a 4G WLAN puck antenna designed for simultaneous 4G LTE and WLAN/WiFi communications

The CLW is a 4G WLAN puck antenna housed in a low profile enclosure with one 4G/LTE multiband element and one WiFI element. It has been realised for simultaneous LTE and WiFi communications, the CLW is an effective alternative to installing two puck antennas in your application.

Mounted via a stud underneath with a 20mm mounting hole, the CLW is designed for continuous outdoor use on vehicles, enclosures, cabinets and other devices. This means it is suitable for applications such as telematics, wireless CCTV, security and telemetry/remote monitoring. It should be mounted onto a metal surface, bracket or enclosure.

Fed by one cable for the 4G/LTE multiband element and one cable for the WiFi, the CLW is a compact and robust antenna based on the proven CPO platform.

The CLW is just one of our range of products based on the CPO enclosure platform which encompasses LTE, WiFI, GNSS and MIMO applications.