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EAD enhances Compact Omni and adds new connector options

1st November 2011

EAD has enhanced our new WCO (waterproof compact omni) antenna by improving the RF performance and adding more connector options.

The new Antenna Element is fully groundplane independent so the antenna can be mounted either on metal or non-metal surfaces without impacting performance.

A SMA-Male straight connector is now available for the WCO.

A SMA-Male right angle connector is now available for the WCO.

The WCO provides a compact omni-directional antenna solution to outdoor pentaband (cellular/GSM/3G) applications where a robust, waterproof and UL-rated antenna is required for metering, security, CCTV and telemetry terminals, gateways and routers.

For more information please contact EAD or one of our distributors.

EAD introduces PTR7210 LTE & Pentaband terminal antenna

29th June 2011

EAD has today launched a Pentaband Cellular/GSM/3G and LTE (700 MHz) terminal dipole antenna ideally suited to multiband gateways, router, modems and terminals. The PTR7210 is part of the EAD’s expanding PTR range of products (next to follow is the PTR2450 for 2.4/5 GHz frequency bands) and is terminated in a SMA-Male connector. It is housed in a robust sheath and the SMA is a multiposition connector offering flexibility of installation.

The PTR7210 is available to order with immediate effect.

New Waterproof Compact Omni antenna for outdoor applications

10th June 2011

EAD is pleased to introduce the WCO (Waterproof Compact Omni), Initially availble as a pentaband cellular, GSM, 3G (824-960/1710-2170 MHz) antenna, the WCO is terminated in a N-Female connector designed for through hole mount onto a metal enclosure making it ideal for outdoor telemetry and metering. The sheath of the antenna is made out of flame retardent, UV-resistant ABS to withstand the elements.

The WCO range will soon be broadened as N-Male and TNC-Male connectors will be available. In addition, frequency support for 2.4 GHz.

Here is a link to the WCO product page.

New 169 MHz Helical antenna for metering

31st May 2011

EAD is pleased to introduce a new VHF helical antenna operating at 169 MHz and primarily designed for the harmonised frequency band for metering in Europe.

The H169-SMA is a 1/4 wave moulded helical antenna housed in a durable sheath and terminated with a SMA-Male connector. The H169-SMA measures approximately 140mm in overall length (including the connector) and has a maximum diameter of 13.5mm.

Whilst SMA is the standard connector, the H169 antenna could be terminated in other connectors including BNC, TNC and RP-SMA.
The H169-SMA datasheet will shortly be available on our website at

Pentaband Outdoor antennas for GSM, Cellular and 3G

30th May 2011

EAD is pleased to introduce two outdoor antennas for Cellular, GSM and 3G applications. The FDO (pictured) is a high gain 4/5 dBi outdoor omni antenna designed primarily for pole-mount applications. The WMO is a fixed configuration 2 dBi wall-mount omni dipole antenna supplied with 5M cable and SMA-Male connector. The two products offer ideal solutions for gateways, routers and cellular access devices in areas where signal strength is not great, so the antenna can be located away from the gateway or router to allow optimisation of the available network coverage.