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New High Gain Omni has 4G,3G and 2G covered

A new high gain omni antenna from EAD supporting European 4G/LTE, 3G and 2G services has been announced. The FGO antenna from EAD is designed for outdoor access applications where a high gain antenna is required.

FGO High Gain Omni Antenna

Housed in a fibreglass sheath, the FGO is ideal for applications using 4G networks whilst supporting 3G and 2G frequencies should fall back from 4G be required. Offering a minimum of 4 dBi/5 dBi /4 dBi gain on the lower, middle and upper bands respectively, the antenna can be pole-mounted or wall-mounted and is ideal for applications such as CCTV, security and broadband access. The FGO antenna is terminated in a N-Female connectors. Jumper cables can be customised to order.

The FGO antenna is shipping now.

For more information and the specification sheet, visit the EAD website at www.ead-ltd.com and download the datasheet or contact us at sales@ead-ltd.com.

EAD releases new LTE, 4G, 3G/GSM directional panel antenna

EAD is pleased to announce the released of the LPP7270, a high gain, directional, outdoor panel antenna covering worldwide LTE, 4G, 3G and GSM frequencies. Housed in a compact, weatherproof radome measuring 260x260x60mm, the LPP7270 offers 7-9 dBi gain across all the bands with a VSWR of less than 1.5:1.

This antenna is terminated in a N-Female connector and requires a jumper cable with N-Male connector.

LPP7270 4G/LTE Multiband Panel Antenna

The mounting bracket is included with the antenna as standard.

This antenna is suitable for providing access to 4G/LTE networks as well as supporting fallback to 3G and 2G GSM services.

New 4G, LTE and Multiband cellular internal antenna released

EAD is pleased to introduce a new multi-band, groundplane independent internal antenna optimised for 2G, 3G, and 4G/LTE frequencies. With compact dimensions of 110x21mm (length by width) and thickness of 1.6mm, the SQ7 antenna is typically used internally in a communications product such as an access device, router or fixed or mobile terminal. Supporting worldwide 4G/LTE frequency bands including 700 MHz for North America and 800/2600 MHz for Europe, it is a versatile solution for wireless products.

SQ7 Internal PCB Antenna for 2G, 3G, 4G and LTE

The SQ7 offers a typical gain of 1.5 dBi across the bands with a maximum VSWR of just over 2:1. As it has its own groundplane, this antenna can operate without the need for additional proximity groundplane, but will need some keep away space inside terminals to ensure it radiates effectively. The SQ7 can be specified with a range of cable/connector configutations including U.FL, SMA, MMCX, GSC and more.

Further information on the SQ7 can be found on the product page.

New low profile 3G and 4G antenna

The CPO-3GL is a low profile puck antenna operating in the frequency bands 1710-2700 MHz covering 1800 MHz GSM, 1900 MHz, 2100 MHz 3G and 2600 MHz 4G/LTE. Housed in a robust radome, the CPO-3GL is a screw or permanent mount antenna ideal for telemetry, security, CCTV and numerous other M2M (machine to machine) applications.


Offering gain across the bands of 3 dBi, the CPO-3GL offers a high performance solution for EURO 4G (or LTE) applications with fall-back to 3G and 1800 MHz GSM if required. Once mounted correctly, the CPO-3GL is waterpoof and suitable for outdoor deployment. It can be customised with cable and connector configuration as required and is typically terminated with SMA, MMCX, or FME connectors. It can also be terminated with CRC9 or TS9 connectors if required.

LTE 700 MHz + Pentaband Compact Omni Antenna

EAD is pleased to introduce the Waterproof Compact Omni multiband antenna operating at 700 MHz & Pentaband (cellular/GSM/3G) frequencies. Supporting 690-960 and 1710-2170 MHz, the WCO-5G7 is waterproof compact omni antenna designed for outdoor applications.

With a durable sheath measuring approximately 140mm in length, the WCO-5G7 is available with a variety of connector options including SMA, RP-SMA, TNC, RP-TNC, N-Type.

For more information on the WCO-5G7, please contact us at sales@ead-ltd.com

Some images of the various WCO-5G7 models can be seen here:

WCO-5G7 with TNC-Male Right Angle

WCO-5G7 with SMA-Male Right Angle

WCO-5G7 with N-Male Straight

WCO-5G7 with TNC-Male Straight

EAD introduces 169 MHz wall-mount omni antenna

EAD is pleased to introduce the WMO-169, a new cost-effective and durable VHF antenna designed for wireless metering and related applications at the new 169 MHz EU harmonized frequency band.

169 MHz Wall Mount Omni Antenna – WMO-169

The WMO-169 is a 169 MHz fibreglass omni antenna mounted onto a compact L-bracket for wall-mounting. Approximately 480mm in length, the antenna is terminated in a N-Female connector and is mounted securely onto the bracket and the bracket is affixed to the wall. The VSWR of the antenna at 169 MHz is better than 1.2:1 and offers 2 dBi gain at centre frequency.

The WCO-169 should be a fed by a jumper cable which can be customised to the appropriate length. Please contact EAD for jumper cable options.

915 MHz Waterproof Dipole introduced by EAD

EAD is pleased to introduce the WC91N-TNM-ST – a waterproof compact dipole antenna designed for ISM-band applications in the 902-928 frequency band. With a VSWR of less than 1:5:1 across the band, the WC91N is groundplane independent and can be installed on either metal or non-metal surfaces. It is housed in a UV-resistant, flame retardent sheath and is fully waterproof lending itself perfectly to long-term outdoor deployments.

Other connectors including N-Male, RP-TNC, SMA and RP-SMA are available.

This antenna can also be supplied at 868 MHz.

For more information, you can download the datasheet here or contact us with any questions.

New 2.4 GHz Compact Wall-Mount Omni antenna introduced

EAD is pleased to introduce a new 2.4 GHz Compact Wall-Mount omni antenna based on the popular WCO antenna platform.

WCO-2400-WMB antenna

The WCO-2400-WMB is a durable and compact 2.4 GHz omni antenna designed for WLAN, WiFI, Zigbee and Bluetooth applications. Supplied with a wall-mount bracket, it is ideal for outdoor wall-mounting applications thanks to its UV-resistant and flame retardent sheath. The antenna is terminated in a N-Female connector and can be fed by jumper cables terminating in a N-Plug. The gain of the antenna is 2.5 dBi when mounted on the wall-bracket and the VSWR is better than 2:1 at centre frequency.

More information on this antenna, can be found here.

New connector options increase versatility of WCO antenna

EAD is pleased to announce a number of new connector options for the WCO (Waterproof Compact Omni Antenna).

In addition, to the original connectors in the range which were N-Male, N-Female BLK (through-hole), TNC-Male Straight, SMA-Male Straight and SMA-Male Right Angle as can be see in the image below:

EAD has added TNC-Male Right Angle, RP-TNC Right Angle, SMA-Male Straight and SMA-Male Right Angle.

We can also offer a WCO antenna on a bracket option for wall-mount applications. See the following image:

For more information on these products, please contact us here at EAD.