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QAD – Three new antenna products worth checking out

Three new antenna products worth checking out from Laird, Smarteq and Sirio respectively. QAD is pleased to introduce another set of innovative, best-of-breed antenna products.

Firstly, the Trigger antenna from Laird is a MIMO LTE, GNSS and WiFI covert antenna. Designed for “under-the-dash” applications, it offers a very unique form factor which lends itself well to stealth installations.

Secondly, the MiniBlade from Smarteq is a compact dual band, WiFi blade antenna.Tape-mounted, omni-directional and ultra-wideband from 2.4 GHz to 6 GHz, this innovative antenna is ideal for indoor WiFi coverage, internet onboard buses and Wifi zones.

Last but not least, the SMP-5G from Sirio is a 5G directional panel antenna intentioned for continuous outdoor use with robust gain figures and a durable radome to withstand the elements.

These antennas are new stable-mates to our excellent, wide portfolio of quality antenna products from world-class antenna manufacturers covering frequencies from 150 Mhz to 6 GHz. For more information, pricing and availability on the above new antennas, please contact us.


5G AllDisc High Performance

QAD – 5G AllDisc High Performance Low Profile Antenna in stock

The 5G AllDisc High Performance low profile antenna is in stock. Manufactured by Smarteq, this antenna is best in class for its gain vs. size raito. Measuring 138mm in diameter and 55mm in height, the AllDisc offers peak gain, when mounted on a groundplan, from 3.5 dbi to 7 dBi.

This antenna covers 4G, 5G as well as 2G and 3G frequencies from 690 MHz to 3800 MHz. It is ideal for applications where a permanently mounted antenna is required. It is especially suited to kioks, outdoor enclosures, wireless CCTV and security delpoments. If you are looking for a low profile antenna with optimal gain, then look no further. When mounted correctly, the IP rating of the antenna is IP6K9K class.

The standard model we are stocking has a 2.5M RG316 cable and SMA-Male connector.

For quoations on the 5G AllDisc High Performance low profile antenna, please contact us. Small quantities can be ordered via the Connex webshop.

For a smaller 4G antenna, check out the SmartDisc.