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4 x 4 LTE MIMO antenna has arrived at EAD

EAD is pleased to introduce a 4 x 4 LTE MIMO antenna for external fixed and mobile applications. Based on the innovative LPO antenna, this new platform has four broadband 690-2960 MHz elements co-existing inside one low profile radome. An active GPS/GLONASS antenna element can also be configured to reside alongside the 4 LTE elements.

For applications requiring high speed LTE making use of 4 x 4 MIMO functionality, the LPO-4L offers a compact and robust solution with each antenna element fed by a separate cable.

The LPO-4L is one of a number of LPO antenna configurations available including the standard LPO (2 x LTE, 2 WiFi + GNSS) and LPO-D4547 with 2 x 450 MHz elements.

For more information and pricing on the LPO-4L antenna, please contact us or your local EAD distributor.

The LPO-4L antenna can also be used with RF240 low loss cables to extend the installation.

The standard LPO can be purchased from the Connex webshop.

LPO antenna enhanced supporting 450 MHz

The EAD LPO antenna enhanced supporting 450 MHz for LTE 450 applications is now available. With 2 x LTE elements and 2 x WiFi elements, the LPO45727 is ideal for running 700-2700 MHz LTE alongside LTE 450 services.

EAD has used the modular LPO platform to bring this new offering to market. It is a compact design for a multiband antenna solution and is through-hole mount for permanent installation. The LPO has a gasket underneath for an IP67 waterproof deployment and is fed by 4 cables from underneath.

An alternative 450 MHz antenna is our VLP4.

For more information on the LPO45727, please contact us.

If you require a variation of the LPO antenna, please contact us to see if we can develop it for you.

LPO Multiband MIMO antenna announced by EAD

The LPO Multiband MIMO antenna has been announced by EAD. Offering 2 x LTE, 2 x WiFi and one active GPS/GLONASS antenna element, the LPO is a robust and practical solution for bus, truck, transit and vehicle applications where 5 antennas for multiband communications need to be installed.

With excellent RF performance in an enclosure 140mm in diameter and 80mm in height, the LPO is permanently mounted via a threaded stud and locking nut underneath. Gain figures for LTE are 3-4 dBi and 5 dBi for both 2.4 and 5 GHz WiFi bands.

For more information and availability on the LPO antenna, please contact EAD or your local EAD representative.