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LPA420 UHF antenna low profile external mount

The LPA420 UHF antenna is a low profile roof-mounted solution for transportation and mobile applications working on the 420-470 MHz frequency bands

The LPA420 UHF antenna from Sirio Antenne is an outdoor-mounted, low profile solution for severely height-restricted applications where a compact antenna is not only desirable, but necessary. This solution is tuneable from 420 MHz to 470 MHz.The bandwidth of this antenna is approximately 2.5% of the centre frequency.

The radome of the LPA420 UHF antenna is weatherproof to ensure long life.The radiation pattern of this antenna is omnidirectional and the antenna is vertically polarized.

The optimum RF performance is achieved when the antenna is fitted to a metallic ground plane or roof l/2 a wavelength square. The antenna is fed by an cable exiting the underside of the unit via a rubber grommet.  As standard, it is fed by a 1M cable and BNC-Male connector. Using RF195 and RF240 cable assemblies, you can extend the reach of the cable.

A 380-430 MHz version is also available, the model number for that one is LPA380.

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