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HX-CHX602A GNSS foldable multi-constellation helix antenna

The HX-CHX602A GNSS foldable helix antenna is an ideal multi-constellation full frequency solution where a multi-position antenna is required

The HX-CHX602A GNSS foldable antenna from Harxon is a multi-constellation full frequency high gain geodetic surveying antenna. This small form factor antenna employs a foldable design that allows a maximum of 90 degree bending angle for superior GNSS signal availability while integrated with surveying terminals, pads and consoles in the field. Its high sensitivity, low power consumption, small dimensions, flexible angle of signal reception make it a great match for geodetic surveying applications.

This antenna offers full support for reliable and consistent satellite signals tracking, including GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou, as well as L-Band. It also exhibits a very stable phase center by adopting multipoint feeding technology, exceptional low elevation satellite tracking with symmetric radiation patterns, high gain with ultralow signal loss, as well as outstanding wide-angle circular polarization (WACP) ensures remarkable positioning accuracy.

The HX-CHX602A GNSS foldable antenna adopts a rugged small form factor foldable design that allows a maximum of 90 degree bending angle, providing the most flexible GNSS signal reception angle for robust signal availability of the surveying control terminals.

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